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Licensing Information

The following processes occur through your Online Service Account:

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Renewal Fee: $75.00 
The current (3) year cycle is 12/1/2021 -11/30/2024.  
Starting this year you will only attest to CE completion by answering a question during the online renewal process, and not have to log them online. Many of you asked why log them with CDR and us, so we are responding to that request. If you recorded CE in your account, that feature is no longer available due to the attestation and simplifying the process. Random audits will be conducted on 10% of all renewals and those received after 10/31, this year and the past 2 years. If audited you will be notified after your license has been renewed and will be required to upload your certificates of attendance.  
Continuing Education must be approved by the board or board-recognized reviewers as stated in MN Rule 3250.0125.
3250.0125 QUALIFYING UNITS: In order to meet the requirements of part 3250.0120, programs and the assigned number of units for the program must be approved by the board. The board shall approve programs that meet the criteria specified in part 3250.0130. Alternatively, the board shall accept programs approved by board-recognized reviewers. Board approval of programs may be sought by the licensed individual or the sponsor of a program. Board approval of programs may be sought either in advance of or after participation in the program. Units may be obtained through a variety of formats, including, but not limited to, classes, conferences, correspondence study courses, lectures, seminars, study groups, exhibits, poster presentations, and publications.

 Please forward any requests for Board approval prior to attendance to assure acceptance.
•Not renewing - notify us by mail/email to request a voluntary termination when you receive notification that renewals are open.
Thank you, last year 100% of all renewals were completed online, allowing for maximized efficiencies.
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