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Data By Topic

Find some of the most commonly requested data and resources about Minnesota and Minnesotans arranged by topic. If you can't find what you are seeking here, please contact us to request data.

Diverse Group Of People Arranged in Boxes


Household experience, changes in small business conditions, cases, data, and surveillance.

Population Data

Decennial census counts, plus our estimates and projections.

Age, Race & Ethnicity

Essential population data by race, ethnicity and age.


Number and share of older adult cohorts, impact of the Baby Boomer generation, and more.

Births & Fertility

Learn about the newest and cutest Minnesotans.

Children & Families

Learn more about the characteristics of the more than 1.2 million children in Minnesota and their families.


Explore key economic indicators locally and statewide, along with data about employment by industry.


K-12 characteristics, high school graduation, educational attainment and more.

Health & Disability

Health insurance coverage, disabilities and more.

Immigration & Language

Characteristics of foreign-born populations who now call Minnesota home.

Income & Poverty

Poverty rates, median household income and more.

Labor Force

Who's participating in the labor force by age and gender, including our projections.

Minnesota Milestones

Begun in 1991, Minnesota Milestones is a public effort based on shared vision, clear goals, and measurement of results, to create a better future for Minnesota.

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