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Requesting a Temporary Classification of Data

Accepted applications for temporary classifications

Fill out the application

Send the completed application to:

  • Via email:
  • Via US Mail: 
    • Commissioner of Administration
      c/o Data Practices Office
      320 Centennial Office Building 
      658 Cedar St.
      Saint Paul, MN 55155

Once the Commissioner receives the application, the data are no longer public. Copies of accepted applications are linked below. Temporary classifications are made pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 13.06.

Decision Period

The Commissioner has 45 calendar days to decide whether to grant the request and 90 days if it is determined that the request applies to similar government entities.

If the Request is Not Granted

If the Commissioner does not grant the request, the data revert to public classification 20 calendar days after the date of the decision.

If the Request is Granted

If the Commissioner grants the request, the Attorney General's office must review the application within 25 calendar days.

If... Then...
the Attorney General's office disagrees with the Commissioner's decision the data revert to public five business days after the date of the decision
the Attorney General's office agrees with the Commissioner's decision the Commissioner must submit the approved classification to the Legislature by January 15 of the year following the approval

How long does a temporary classification remain in effect?

As an example, assume a temporary classification is granted between January 1, 2015, and December 31, 2015. If the Legislature does not pass a law by August 1, 2017 making the classification permanent, the temporary classification expires and the data revert to public.

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