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Welcome to the MN.IT Mall

At MN.IT (pronounced like "minute") Services, we're continuing efforts
to improve services to our customers in state government. 

Use the MN.IT Mall online for convenient, efficient access to support
and services:

  • Report an incident, such as a service interruption or outage
  • Order services
  • Add or change services
  • Ask billing questions
  • Manage your account:
    • View your existing service requests, orders and incidents
    • Update your user profile
    • Reset your password.

What's new in the MN.IT Mall?

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MN.IT staff at agency-based office locations should contact their
local help desk first. 
For access issues, existing authorized users can call the MN.IT Service Desk
at (651) 297-1111 .

Browser compatibility:

MN.IT Mall online is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and 9 browsers. It is not compatible with IE10.

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