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About MN.IT Services


About us

As the State of Minnesota's IT organization, MN.IT Services manages the governance process for enterprise IT leadership and planning, and provides Minnesota government  customers a wide variety of technical services.

Our History

MN.IT Services, led by Minnesota’s Chief Information Officer, is the Information Technology (IT) agency for Minnesota’s executive branch, providing the full range of IT services to over 70 agencies, boards and commissions. MN.IT also makes available a subset of services to other Minnesota government entities and education institutions. 

Our staff of nearly 2,100 dedicated and innovative IT professionals work in over 90 physical locations, including 22 agency-based offices. MN.IT Services sets IT strategy, direction, policies and standards for the State. We manage over 2,000 distinct applications, both citizen-facing and back-office. We build, maintain and secure the State’s IT infrastructure. We successfully deliver a wide range of IT projects every year for our agency customers, and we support the State’s online services for Minnesota’s citizens.

We help make the business of government run.


Mission & Vision

Our Mission
We provide high-quality, secure and cost-effective information technology that meets the business needs of government, fosters innovation and improves outcomes for the people of Minnesota.

Our Vision
Our vision articulates the kind of organization we want to become over the next five years.

Affordable, quality services and high-value partnerships. We will promote service quality, measure results and prove our worth every day through excellent service value. We will be a trusted partner with state business leadership and consult with customers when establishing priorities, strategies and policies; we will measure ourselves by the success of our customers and their ultimate program outcomes.

Model of excellence and employer of choice. We will be seen as a national leader for government IT, recognized for a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement and innovation. We will be known for enabling, rewarding and empowering our employees, providing them with tools to foster a highly productive and innovative IT environment.

Enterprise view. We will direct our work toward what is best for both our customers and for the State, setting our priorities and making our decisions based on a view balanced between “common” and “unique” good. We do this by instituting standard processes that result in customized services.

Good stewards. We will be fiscally responsible, efficiently delivering services that provide value at a reasonable cost. We will look proactively for ways to reduce redundancy and leverage savings to invest in the future. We will be accountable and transparent to our business customers and to the people of Minnesota.



The values we articulate and model set the foundation for our success as an organization. They represent that which we believe will help us deliver superior services and provide a supportive and productive place to work.  

Can-do!  We are responsive and user-friendly, consistent and reliable. We understand the businesses we serve and help them succeed. We pitch in to help each other in ways that improve the outcome of our work and the culture of our workplace.  

Respect.  We demonstrate respect for our customers, our employees and our peers in everything we do. We earn and keep the trust of our colleagues through the behavior we demonstrate and the quality of our work.  

Work smart.  Our work reflects not only our excellent technical know-how, but our understanding of the business of State government and the priorities of the people of Minnesota; we pride ourselves on our expertise and what we don’t know, we are happy to learn from others.   

Practice leadership. We value good leadership at every level of the organization and contribute leadership to the greater state government community. We demonstrate it through clear roles, open communication and active listening; we model our values in our own behavior.


Strategic Plan

What we must do to accomplish our mission

Our operational strategies, outlined below, are detailed in the April 2012 MN.IT Services Strategic Plan.

Download the PDF

  1. Improve service management.

  2. Focus the State portfolio.

  3. Implement organizational consistency.

  4. Foster leadership and encourage high performance and innovation.

  5. Practice financial management and accountability.


Our customers

MN.IT primarily serves all executive branch agencies, boards, councils and commissions. In addition, a sub-set of MN.IT’s enterprise services are available to K-12 schools, higher education, county and local governments, and some Minnesota nonprofits.

To find out if your organization uses MN.IT services, use the Find Your Account Manager feature. If you do not find your organization on that list, and you are eligible to be an MN.IT customer, and would like more information about using MN.IT services, please contact our Client Relations department.