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MN.IT Mall

For authorized State of Minnesota customers and MN.IT employees

To report mission-critical service outages,
service interruptions,or other problems,
call 651-297-1111 (Toll-free: 888-717-6638)

Executive Branch State employees and
MN.IT staff at agency-based offices:

If you are seeking IT help, please check with
your local help desk or IT Admin staff first.

For MN.IT staff* and non-executive branch customers

The MN.IT Mall online is the most efficient way to get help quickly:

  • Report IT problems
  • Make changes to existing services
  • Order new services
  • Ask billing questions
  • View the status of your existing support tickets
  • Reset passwords

What is new in the MN.IT Mall?

New customer? Read the FAQs.

Need a user account?

Need help with your login?

For access issues, existing authorized users can call the
MN.IT Service Desk at (651) 297-1111.

Not a customer? 

Visit Find Your Account Manager to find out if your organization uses MN.IT
services. Contact our Client Relations department if you have questions.

Browser compatibility

MN.IT Mall online is compatible with Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher,
Safari 4.0.5 or higher (minimum Macintosh OSX 10.5),
Microsoft Internet Explorer IE 8, IE9 and IE10.

Customer sign-in for MN.IT:

Support for MN.IT customers:
Forgot my password | Request a new account
Get my User name | New to MN.IT/Help logging in  
For non-Executive Branch customers only:
Change your MN.IT Mall password

MN.IT Mall User Guides: