Abandoned to Their Fate / Gunnar Dywbad — Historical Overview: Institutions
Elizabeth Boggs: Evolution
Gunnar Dywbad Interview: Genetic Scare
Herb Lovett: Learning Social Norms
A Place to Call Home
Abuse in Institutional Settings (1982)
Chris Lyons: Dignity of Risk
Claudia Bolton: Continuum Thinking
Community Living - Your Life, Your Way
David Braddock: Bad Stock Option
Derrick Dufresne: Need for Action
Derrick Dufresne: Queen for a Day
Discover Interdependence
Dr.Bill Bronston and Friends on Willowbrook
Ed Roberts: Effective Strategies for Social Change
Elizabeth Boggs
Excerpts from "Willowbrook 2, After 10 Years"
Fairview Survivors
Housing Access Services Program
Hubert Humphrey
I Don't Need My Walker When I Dance

In Our Care: Ray Stewart

Just Families
The Legacy of Wyatt
Living in the Freedom World:    Don     Warren
A New Way of Thinking (1987)
A New Way of Thinking
Not On My Street
The Ollie Webb Story
Person-Centered Thinking: Supporting Self-Determination
Ray Loomis: Jefferson Award Winner
Richard and Donna: A Little Bit of Faith
Richard Dodds on Technology
Senator Lowell Weicker and John Doyle on Institutional Abuses
Steve Gold on the Helen L. Case
Throw Away The Key (Rosewood State Hospital in Maryland)
To Bridge the Gap
Tom Nerney: New Assumptions
US Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun: Impressions of State Institutions
We're Here to Speak for Justice: 40th Anniversary of the Founding of California's Regional Centers
Willowbrook Exposé

The Developmental Disabilities Institute, Possibilities video series:

A Place to Learn
Breakfast Time

The Exceptional Child

Families on the Move
Gunnar Dybwad on the Role of the Courts

"An Interview with Lou Brown" with Ed Skarnulis

The "ultimate functioning" guidepost or where does this all lead?
The "natural proportion" guidepost or how many is too many or too few?
The "pre means never" guidepost or why not just call it what it is?
The unintended consequences of "pre"
The ultimate reality of institutions
Community services with a residual population qualifier
Political compromise: Who gets to leave first and who may never get to leave
The wrongness of institutions and at what cost
The deinstitutionalization era
Training and career development: Raising the expectations to support community services
Guideposts for the future

Richard Dodds on Technology
Richard and Donna: A Little Bit of Faith
Senator Lowell Weicker and John Doyle on the Education for All Handicapped Children Act

"Tools for Life" How Technology Helps People with Disabilities

Real Work
Abandoned To Their Fate: Self Sufficient Institution
Abandoned To Their Fate: Community Vocational Programs
"Becky" Segment from "Living My Own Life: Adults with Disabilities"
Disabled Women: Visions and Voices
A New Way of Thinking
Promises to Keep
To Bridge the Gap
Try Another Way — Dr. Marc Gold
Shifting Patterns part 1
Shifting Patterns part 2