Beyond Boundaries

A Film about Inclusion

Produced by the YMCA, 1992 (Run time 15:54)

- What I did this summer. Well, I went to camp. There were 53 kids there, and we were all different. Like, there was a kid in a wheelchair, just like me. There was another kid who didn't talk real well.

How do you know if another kid needs help or if they can do it alone? We learned to help each other. They call it service.

Camp was so neat that we made a video to show people what we did and how important it is to include everybody. Some people came and showed us technical stuff, like how to run the camera. And then we all decided what to shoot and who to interview. So this is our video about camp: the stuff we did, how we helped each other, and mostly how we all had fun.

- Scene one, take one.

[Upbeat synthesizer music]

- Intro to kids in video, take two. Is that good?

- Now you move away. Now you move away. Good deal.

How many of you have ever been on TV before? You've been on TV before? You guys have been on TV before? What we are going to do in just a few minutes is, we're going to tell the people who've never been to camp--

They don't know, so we have to...

Children: Tell...

- And why do we have to tell?

Children: They don't know.

- And how are we going to tell?

Children: By video.

- That light will be on, and also, you look in the viewfinder, this right here, and you'll see a picture, the same picture that's coming out of the lens when you look--

Whatever you're pointing at, you'll see the picture right inside that viewfinder. We're gonna use this handle right here. Yes, Tony.

- So we're all putting it together now: the production, the camera work, the sound, the direction, and the talent themselves. So we're putting it together now.

- Now what we need is you to put this on this shoulder over here. Okay. Okay, now you peek through this eyehole right over here. Okay?

- So what we try to concentrate on everything that we do here is everybody working together as one group, okay? So if we're canoing to an island, we're all canoing to an island as a group. Or if we're climbing a wall or if we're traversing across a scum pond, we're doing it as one group and that we're not doing it as a group of kids without disabilities and a group of kids with disabilities. We're doing it as a group of friends who are trying to accomplish a goal. So the emphasis isn't really on the exercise. It's on the group, and that's kind of what the whole idea is.

- Hi!

All: Hi!

- My name is Joe!

All: My name is Joe!

- My boss said to me, "Hey, Joe, are you busy?" I said, "No!"

All: My boss said to me, "Hey, Joe, are you busy?" I said, "No!"

- John!

[Yelling and laughter]

- Jason! Jason!

- You take it out, and you, like, slice the water, slice the air, and put it in front of you again. Okay, I want to see it, everybody. Let's go. Brett, help me out. Put it forward. Ready, and forward, to your side, take it out, slice the water, and reach again.

- Yeah, and then you hold on--always hold on to this handle with your right hand. Now loosen that up, and then you'll be able to tilt up and down.

- Like this?

- Put Eric in the picture now, Tony. Do that. You got to twist-- there you go. Put Eric in the picture.

- And then with this little lever right here, you can zoom in and out.

- You got Eric in the picture there?

- Okay, that's a good question. Why is this an important camp? Okay, write that one down.

- Scene four, take one.

- Why is this camp special?

- It's important because once people leave here, they will be able to know how to act to other people.

- Okay, up. Turn around. Okay, can you sit down right here? That a girl. You did very good.

- Yay, Shauna.

- That was excellent.

- It will give me a better knowledge of people with disabilities and what they can't do and what they can do.

- Try again. Try again. Whoo!

- Hopefully if every kid takes home that they've challenged themselves a little bit more, that they've learned acceptance and understanding a little bit more, and that they've extended their comfort zones a little bit more, then I think we probably succeeded.

- Get up over there, okay?

- Try not to wiggle a whole lot. Okay, guys, turn around.

- Turn around. There you go.

- Whoa, in the middle.

- Like, with the wheelchairs, I didn't know if I should push them or what was gonna happen with them and how to control the wheelchairs and stuff, but now I know all that stuff.

- You know, when kids show up in groups, they don't always know what Service Treks is all about. And they come into it, and they're put in a situation that's immediately challenging and that's immediately very diverse from what they're used to being around. And all of a sudden, they're around kids that have different abilities from them. They're around a diverse population. And it really forces them to think about things and to extend their comfort levels.

- Then lock down the camera.

- Okay.

- Lock down the camera.

- What I'd like to see all young people do when they leave this conference is to go home and to be able to tell people their story.

- Where does the bottom go?

- Just--right there.

- There it goes.

- Pull on that here. Here.

- Do you know how to put up a tent?

- There. You did it.

- We had people, like, tell them to come over and, like, help set the tent up or hand us poles and stuff. It's pretty good.

[People conversing indistinctly]

- Okay, here, lower that end. I'll get that.

- And one and two and three and four.

- What was the most fun thing you did?

- The wall.

- Yeah, it's got to be the wall. Gave me a rush.

- The wall.

- The wall is a 45-foot straight-up wall type thing,and you have hand holders that you put your feet up on and your arms, and you have to pull yourself up. You have a partner with you, so it's harder.

- It helps when there's other people down there telling you, because when you're looking at the thing, you really don't know where all the blocks are, but if people go, "Move your left foot," then you can--you just look on your left, and you can see it.

- And plus, when the sun's, like, beating down on you, it gets really hot, and you get sort of dizzy up there, and you can't really tell what you're doing. And you look down, you get sort of paranoid, and you don't know what you're doing.

- See if we can get this to fit on your head. All right, keep it on.

[Uplifting keyboard music]

- How's this?

- Oh, you're not in yet.

[People conversing indistinctly]

[Music continues]

- Go get 'em.

- Great job.

- You want to try this one first? Okay, let's try one more.

- Yeah. - Okay.

[Music continues]

- Come on, come on. Yeah, come on. Yeah, come on. Yay!

- Yeah! Good. Good. [people cheering] Yeah. Good going, Eric. Good to go.

- All right.

[Music continues]

[People conversing indistinctly]

- Whoo!

- Yay! Whoo!

[Music continues]

- What was the most difficult thing you did?

- The traverse. I've never tried it before.

- What is the traverse?

- You have all your gear on like you would for rock climbing, and you get in this square seat, and you go across the swamp pulling yourself, so it's a lot of arm work.

[Upbeat synthesizer music]

- Okay, all right. This is the fun part.

- That's not fun.

- How's it going? [Music continues] You're doing great. Hey!

[People speaking indistinctly]

[Music continues]

[People speaking indistinctly]

[Music continues]

- How are the counselors at this camp?

- They're pretty good. You know, most of them are pretty cool.

- Really?

- What time do we have to be there? What's on the schedule next?

- Ladies and gentlemen, up the hill.

- Up the hill.

- I'm not carrying anything.

- Here.

- We're not supposed to.

- That's your one thing.

[People speaking indistinctly]

- Hard work. Takes a lot of work.

- Oh, man, takes lots of work.

- They're slaving us.

- Everybody can do service at their own level and that service, as long as it's meaningful and has a purpose, is pretty empowering stuff.

- Service, to me, means helping out other people that need it, and, you know, a lot of people need it, so I guess it's just basically helping out people.

- I think it means taking skills that you have and using them to better your community or other people or both.

- So it's more than just being able to help and get to know, but it's been fun, and I think that's been one of the best parts also.

[People cheering]

[People speaking indistinctly]

[Soft keyboard music]

- I give these kids a lot of credit, because they've shown up, and they've been exposed to different situations, and they've dealt with it. And that's what you have to do out in society: you expose yourself to different situations, and you deal with it. That's how you become leaders. That's how you become part of the community.

- Action.

- So what are you doing this summer?

- Just summer softball. Other than that, nothing much.

- Just hanging around?

- Yeah.

- Hang in the mall.

- Yeah.

- What you guys talking about?

Both: What we're gonna do this summer.

- Well, we're going to Camp Ihduhapi. The camp-meister, camp-o-rama.

Both: Camp?

- Camp.

- You got to be kidding.

- No.

- Why would you want to go to camp?

- Because it's gonna be fun.

- But don't they have different people there?

- Yeah. So what?

- I'm not going to camp.

- No way. Uh-uh.

- Not only do they have different people there. They've got cabins, cabins, cabins. Big cabins, little cabins, medium-size cabins. They've got the wall, the traverse, and they've got fun games like volleyball, basketball, and group games. We've also got boys, boys, boys. Big boys, small boys, muscular boys, and boys on wheels. We've also got counselors, counselors, counselors. Counselors that are sweet, counselors that are cool, and counselors that don't know what they're doing. So are you convinced?

- Yes.

- Yeah.

[All singing] Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp Ihduhapi

- The best thing is, you meet new friends with different abilities.

[All singing] Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp Ihduhapi

- The best thing of all is, you have lots of fun.

[All singing] Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp Ihduhapi

- But the very best thing is the food.

All: Not!

[All singing] Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp, Camp Ihduhapi

All: It's cool!