Excerpts from "Willowbrook 2, After 10 Years"

Geraldo Rivera

"One of the reasons for the severe shortage of good community homes is the serious, sometimes violent, opposition to them from people who live in the neighborhoods where proposed homes are to be located."

"These ruins are all that's left of a home designed to provide a community residence for ten retarded adults. Anger, ignorance and arson destroyed their dream. Plans are being made to rebuild but plans must also be made to educate the public about groundless fear and misguided prejudice."

Not On Our Street: Misinformation

"Most of the people on the block don't want the home here. Especially not the families living right next door and across the street."

"I am under the understanding that they can turn violent at any given time. And when are they going to, and when aren't they going to? Why do we have to keep one eye over here and just be very concerned?"

"Their actions are different than a normal person's. They sound different, it's not, you cannot understand the sounds that they make and that's frightening to a child."

Jerry Provencal:
"We have to get out to those folks and give them the proper information so they don't believe that anymore. Although I'm being a bit glib, frankly, those misconceptions, that misinformation, it really runs rampant through a community and I think that, uh, they begin to believe the worst is going to happen, rather than the best might happen."