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Providing information, education, and training to build knowledge, develop skills, and change attitudes that will lead to increased independence, productivity, self determination, integration and inclusion (IPSII) for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

Professor John McKnight: Capacity Building Beyond Community Services

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Well, we have consistently been involved with groups that are interested in this question of engaging people who are at the margins in terms of inclusion in the main part of the community, and we continue to work with groups that are involved in that kind of endeavor and learning more and more about the process of welcoming and are interested now and think about this more broadly how do you increase the hospitality and welcomingness of a community?

There's been some research that says more successful communities, people who live there say "we're welcoming." So what's that mean? And why does success as a community tend to be very closely linked to the idea of welcoming or of hospitality, right? So that's an area that we've had a continuing interest and there are a few other publications on our website that you can see by their title that relate to that question.

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