Your Right to Know

IRRRB relies on data to operate its programs and provide services. The public has a right to know about IRRRB activities. State data practices law and rules balance these rights and responsibilities.


Public Access to Public/Private Government Data

The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act provides for public access to inspect and copy public government data.  In order to comply with the law governing public access to public data and protecting private data, the following procedures apply when requesting government information.

Inspection of Documents

Because the information that is requested from Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation Board (IRRRB) may contain private data as well as public data, the public is not given immediate access to the agency’s records. Persons wishing to inspect copies of documents from the records must request the specific documents they wish to see. An IRRRB employee will then retrieve the documents from the records and delete any private or other non-public data. Requestors then will be afforded the opportunity to inspect all of the requested public data at the offices of the agency, or may elect to request copies of such data without first inspecting it. The requestor may inspect the documents without paying any fee.

Copies of Documents

If the requester desires copies of all or any portion of the documents, the requestor will be required to pay the actual costs of searching for and retrieving the information and for making copies of the documents requested, but will not be required to pay the cost of separating public from private data. The agency’s policy is to charge $.25 per page and, if the request is for more than 100 pages of copies, to charge the requestor for actual staff time involved in providing the copies.

Time Required to Provide Requested Documents

For requests that involve a small number of copies and do not require the separation of nonpublic data from public data, IRRRB personnel will attempt to furnish the data and copies at the time the Information Disclosure Request Form (see below) is received by the agency. If IRRRB personnel are not able to provide copies at the time the request is made, they shall supply copies as soon as reasonably possible.

Procedures for Requesting Information

1.  An initial request for data can be made directly at the IRRRB office, by mail, or by phone. The requestor will then be informed of the potential charges involved and required to complete the agency’s Information Disclosure Request Form.

2.  The form may be completed at the office or mailed by the requestor.

Upon the agency’s receipt of a properly and fully completed form, the requestor will then be notified as to how the agency proposes to comply with the request. For all requests requiring copies, payment must be made prior to receiving the copies. In the case of requests involving more than one hundred copies, the agency reserves the right to require a deposit from the requestor in the estimated amount of the copies before undertaking to make the requested copies.

Information Request Form PDF