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About the Board

  • What is the difference between a board and an association?
    The Board was legislatively created in 1970. The enabling statute or Minnesota state law provides the framework for the board’s decision making. The board operates as an agency of the state of Minnesota. Its purpose is to regulate nursing home administrators solely with regard to public safety. A board has a different purpose than an association. The purpose of the association(s) is to advocate for the business or facility providing services to elders and assist those facilities and, indirectly, the administrator. In contrast, the board ensures that administrators are initially prepared and continuously meet appropriate standards of professional behavior.
  • How are Board members appointed?
    Minnesota citizens interested in serving on the Board must apply through the Secretary of State and are appointed by the Governor to four year terms. The open appointment link is found at the Secretary of State’s website with current openings posted in November of each year. The board has positions representing various roles delineated in the original statute such as administrators, nurses, MD’s and public members. By federal requirement, a majority of the board members cannot be a licensed nursing home administrator. More information is found under the “Board” tab on the board’s home page.
  • What is the Board’s mission?
    The mission of the Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators is to promote the publics’ interest in quality care and effective services for residents of nursing facilities by ensuring that licensed administrators are qualified to perform their administrative duties.