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OPTION D: ACHCA Certification


General Definition for:

Option D: American College of Health Care Administration (ACHCA) Certification. The American College is the professional association for individuals seeking advanced certification beyond entry level licensure requirements. The requirement for certification is nearly identical to the Minnesota requirement and allows individuals with significant LNHA experience without a Bachelor’s degree prior to 1996 the ability to be licensed in Minnesota. Individuals should contact the ACHCA directly with questions on certification criteria. Minnesota has no direct reciprocity with any individual state, only for persons certified as Nursing Home Administrators by the NAB-endorsed American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA).

Complete the following:

Experienced administrators may apply online and qualify for waiver of academic and practicum requirements by submitting evidence of current NAB-endorsed ACHCA certification as a nursing home administrator. If you are ACHCA certified, submit a copy of your certification.
Other General Information required of all applicants:
  • Resume showing employment history since college graduation
  • License verification in each state applicant has held licensure sent directly to the board office.
  • Completion of the Minnesota state examination: exam information will be sent to the candidate upon staff review of application.