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Option C: Endorsement: LNHA/Administrator of Record in two of previous five years


Option C: Endorsement/Reciprocity—Waiver of all academic and practicum requirements

Endorsement licensure may be obtained in Minnesota by submitting evidence of having actively and effectively served full time for a minimum of two continuous years within the immediate past five years as the licensed nursing home administrator and chief executive officer of one or more nursing facilities in a single jurisdiction (state) regulated by the licensing board of that jurisdiction. The applicant must also possess a minimum of a BA/BS degree.

Complete the following steps:

1. The Endorsement Applicant must submit a letter requesting a waiver for Option C and include the below listed items for each position as LNHA/Administrator/CEO:

  • Position description
  • An organization chart showing position held in relation to others in the organization
  • An employment verification letter on official stationery of the facility, dated and signed by an officer of the governing board, the administrative head of the facility/management company, or by your supervisor or an official of the agency’s human resources unit, verifying your employment. The letter must certify your dates of employment with the facility and the title(s) of any position(s) you held with the facility.
  • Copies of the two most recent inspections/surveys (2567s) of the facility recently LNHA and Administrator of Record.
  • Resume showing employment history since college graduation
  • Request official license verification from each state licensure has been held. Include NAB exam score and date.
  • Request official transcript verifying a minimum of a Bachelor's degree. Send the transcipt directly to the board office

2. Submit an application online or include the paper application with the above mentioned items and send it by mail.

  • The Board office communicates with applicants primarily by email
  • We update applicants when new supporting documents are received
  • Each applicant must take and pass the state a national examinations to be granted permanent licensure or acting permit


If you have ACHCA certification, please see Application Option D.


Endorsement Requirements

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience As An Administrator In Another State for 2 of Last 5 Years
  • **ACHCA Certification as a Nursing Home Administrator

    A person who holds a current NHA license in another state and holds current certification as a NHA from the American College of Health Care Administrators may also have the course requirements waived. Information about eligibility requirements to obtain certification can be found on the ACHCA web site.  See application Option D for more details

    Persons licensed in other states who do not meet the above requirements should review the Requirements for application Options A or B. 

  • NAB Exam
  • Minnesota State Exam

    Minnesota requires all applicants to pass the state rules exam. This is a 34-item, multiple choice, open book exam testing the candidate's ability to read and interpret Minnesota Statutes and Rules pertaining to operation of a nursing home in Minnesota. The exam is offered at the Board Office in Minneapolis .  The Statutes and Rules books may be obtained at Minnesota's Bookstore.

    An application for the state exam will be sent after your licensure application has been received in our office. 

  • Good Standing

    Minnesota must receive information from every state in which the applicant is or has ever been licensed as an administrator showing when and how long the applicant was licensed in that state and whether any disciplinary action was ever taken against the applicant's license.  

    Applicants who meet these requirements are encouraged to complete and submit an application for licensure.