Minnesota Standards - Vendor participation agreement

Standard Products

Vendor participation agreements

Vendors and manufacturers who are approved to offer Minnesota Standard IT products have invested significant time working with State teams to define standards and select products that are well suited for normal purchasing needs. Vendors clearly understand how it is mutually beneficial to promote the standard product set and have in fact agreed to suggest "nonstandard" products only after determining a standard product can not meet a given need.

Participating vendors:

  • Promote the use of Minnesota Standard products; suggest "nonstandard" products only after determining a standard product is not appropriate for a given need
  • Participate in product refresh meetings and contribute to the maintenance of products and standards
  • Provide sales data used to assess program performance
  • Provide attractive prices with quality service

Vendor participation agreements are a tool used to communicate the expectations necessary to maintain a program that is fair to all vendors. In order to set and maintain program integrity the State of Minnesota has created this collection of agreements. Category-specific agreements are predominantly the same. However, each category uses different technologies, may have a different group of vendors, manufacturers and/or customers and is "refreshed" on different dates.

Vendor participation agreements:
  • Due to new vendor hardware contracts currently in development, ISRM is in the process of revising the “Participant Agreements” (i.e., program requirements for participating vendors). Check back in the coming weeks for the revised requirements, which will be made available on the ISRM website.