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How can I become a Buy-IT Vendor?
If you represent a vendor or manufacturer and wish to become part of the Minnesota Buy-IT program, please be advised that you must first have a State Contract (contract with the State of Minnesota) to offer the products you wish to offer through the Buy-IT program.

  1. Obtain a state contract:
    Contact the Department of Administration/Materials Management Division (MMD) to learn what is needed to obtain a state contract.
  2. Apply to become a Buy-IT program vendor:
    Contact the Office of MN.IT Services/Buy-IT team to learn what products and services are now a part of the Buy-IT program and how to present new products or services for consideration.
    • Email: oet.isrm@state.mn.us
    • Phone: (651) 201-1188
    • Buy-IT vendors make the following commitments to the program:
      • Promote the use of Minnesota Standard Products and suggest "nonstandard" products only after determining a standard product is not appropriate for a given need
      • Provide strong guidance to set product and service standards that are mutually beneficial
      • Participate in product refresh meetings and contribute to the maintenance of standards and product offerings
      • Provide sales data used to assess program performance
      • Provide attractive prices with quality service


More information for participating vendors is available here: Participating Vendor Information