Product price change instructions

Standard Products

Request for price change

Vendors change the price of standard products frequently - as often as every month. The program website is updated with new prices on the first of every month. To allow time for data processing all requests must be received 7 calendar days before the first of every month (by 5:00 pm CDT). Request for price change are to be sent to both the program team ( and the contract management team (

In order to facilitate quicker processing of your request for price change we ask that you format your request as follows:

* Sample format for requesting product price change
* OET ID    Current price      New price
* 99P23-1     $1,000               $975

Note: Downward price changes are automatically approved. Upward price changes are subject to approval and are typically only allowed when an entire industry experiences a significant event that affects prices for all vendors.


A request for product substitution will be considered but must be presented using separately defined procedures.