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In December 2008 Minnesota introduced Multi-function device standards. The State team that researched, drafted and implemented these standards were volunteers from across the enterprise and made a significant investment in this effort. Device vendors also provided significant input and for this guidance, and support, we are sincerely grateful.

The State of Minnesota is determined to maintain program integrity - and a program that benefits vendors and customers alike. For this reason a "Vendor Participation Agreement" is used to provide a clear statement of basic expectations. Most of the information that follows can be found in the Vendor Participation Agreement, but is summarized here for your convenience.

  • As part of an RFP in 2008 select Manufacturers were awarded contracts for "Multi-functional device equipment, rental, purchase and maintenance." Please contact the Department of Administration/Materials Management Division ("MMD") for questions about contracts or becoming a State vendor.
  • Vendors must present "Minnesota standard" products as a part of all sales proposals. Nonstandard products should only be considered when there is a significant and compelling reason to do so.
  • Manufacturers are to report all sales in compliance with MFD Reporting requirements.
  • Manufacturers and VARs work as a team, but Manufacturers are ultimately responsible for the products, services, and sales information provided by their VARs;
  • If entities report excessive solicitation from resellers, the manufacturer will be notified and expected to remedy;
  • All promotional material must be pre-approved by the State prior to posting on a website, emailing or mailing.

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