Master Contract 902TS Categories

Professional Services

Database - Oracle

The following vendors have been approved under the 902TS Master Contract Program
to provide this category of service. Click on a vendor name to see vendor-specific info.
Vendor Max. Rate
22nd Century Technologies, Inc.$110  
Acro Service Corporation$75  
Advanced Technologies Integration, Inc.$160  
Aero-Metric, Inc.$133  
Agree Technologies and Solutions$110  
AGS Consulting, Inc$110  
Ajasa Technologies, Inc$125  
Ambient Consulting, LLC$135  
Analysts International$130  
Apex Systems, Inc.$95  
Applied Data Systems, Inc.$200  
ArchWing Innovations LLC$120  
Ardent Technologies, Inc.$75  
Business Resource Group (BRG)$155  
C S Solutions, Inc$95  
Cape Code, Inc.$95  
CGI Technologies and Solutions Inc$150  
Charter Solutions, Inc.$140  
CIBER, Inc.$140  
Collier IT$200  
Computer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI)$200  
Compuware Corporation$120  
Confluence Intl Inc$110  
Connvertex Technologies Inc.$198  
Dahl Consulting, Inc.$115  
Datalink Corporation$160  
Dell Marketing, L.P.$149  
Diversified Services Network, Inc. (DSN)$97  
Dynamics Research Corporation$180  
Eastern Business Software, Inc.$200  
Elegant Enterprise-Wide Solutions, Inc.$100  
Element Consulting Group$150  
Enclipse Corporation$195  
Frontage Technologies Inc$70  
Fulcrum Consulting LLC$110  
GeoDecisions, a Division of Gannett Fleming, Inc.$150  
Globus Technology Inc.$125  
Gunther Douglas, Inc.$115  
Harbinger Partners, Inc.$125  
High Desert Traffic$98  
Horizontal Integration Inc. $95  
HTC Global Services, Inc.$85  
IBM (International Business Machines)$204  
Iceberg Technology Group$145  
Infinite Computing Systems, Inc.$106  
innoSoul, Inc.$100  
INT Technologies, LLC$130  
InTech Software Solutions, Inc$200  
Integrity Consulting$105  
International Projects Consultancy Services, Inc. (IPCS)$115  
IRIS Consulting Corporation$145  
Iron Data$213  
Ironwood Technical Services, Inc.$120  
Istonish, Inc.$125  
iTech Solutions, Inc$120  
ITR Group, Inc.$110  
Javen Technologies, Inc.$80  
Kelly IT Resources$110  
Kestrel Consulting, Ltd$150  
Knowledge:IT, A Cooperative$150  
LCI - Lawinger Consulting, Inc.$120  
Logic House Ltd.$110  
MAXIMUS, Inc.$190  
MidWest Staffing & Consulting$120  
Millenniumsoft Inc.$75  
North Point IT Corp.$90  
Northshore Resources Inc.$110  
Nu Info Systems, Inc.$105  
Object Partners, Inc.$110  
Omni Resources, Inc. $105  
On-Demand Services Group, Inc.$120  
Open Systems Technologies DE, LLC$185  
Programming Solutions, Inc.$120  
Project Consulting Group$155  
Protech Solutions, Inc.$125  
Questa Technology, Inc.$150  
R.J.R. Innovations Inc.$200  
RCM Technologies$120  
RE/SPEC, Inc.$178  
Resource Data, Inc. (RDI)$135  
Rose International, Inc.$142  
SA Technologies Inc. (SAT) $95  
Samiti Technology Inc. $105  
Sankalp Group Inc$90  
Sapphire Technologies, LP$110  
Scientific Technologies Corporation$142  
SDK Software Inc$110  
Select Computing Inc$125  
Signature Consultants, LLC$110  
Softpath System, LLC$115  
Software Analysts Corporation$115  
Sogeti USA, LLC$110  
Solomons International, LLC$110  
Symphony Corporation$140  
System Soft Technologies $90  
Systems Technology Group (STG)$145  
TAJ Technologies, Inc.$90  
Talent Software Services, Inc.$95  
Technology Resource Services, Inc$125  
Technosoft Corporation$108  
Tech-Pro, Inc.$95  
The MACRO GROUP, Inc.$110  
Titan Data Group (formerly APT SOURCE INC)$90  
TSG Server & Storage, Inc$204  
Twin Cities Solutions, Inc.$130  
UpNorth-Vet, Inc.$100  
Virtelligence Inc$145  
Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP)$115  
Works Computing, Inc.$180  
XPAND Corporation$130  
Zinncorp Inc. (aka IT Doctors)$140  
Zirous, Inc.$160  
Vendor Count: 120 
Average rate: $127 

Date last updated: 3/13/2014 10:35:41 AM