ASAP-IT: Engagement Request

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Engagement Request

This form is to be used by Minnesota State Agencies, Cities, Counties, ISD's, or other MN governmental entities to request a resource from a master contract holder to perform IT staff augmentation services.

The total amount of payments under the work order including any potential amendments must not exceed $100,000. If you anticipate the total cost may exceed $100,000, use the "Call for Resumes" process.

* = Required information

* Select Organization:  (if your organization name is not included in the drop-down box you do not have a valid authentication code under the program and must request a code first)
MN.IT @:
(ONLY if Request is being entered by MN.IT Services Central)
*Division Name:
* Authentication Code:
  Request Submitter Information - this is the contact information that will be sent to the vendor
* Name:
* Email Address: 
* Phone Number:
(Enter in format of nnn.nnn.nnnn)
  IT Contact - this will not be shared with the vendor - it is for internal use
* IT Contact Name:
* Email Address: 
* Phone Number:
(Enter in format of nnn.nnn.nnnn)

* Engagement Name:
(The name should be meaningful to the organization.)
* Engagement Start Date:
* Engagement Completion Date:
* Estimated Total Hours of Work:
*Estimated Weekly Hours
* Is Work Expected to to be Full-time or Part-time
* Category:
  NOTE: If you have selected one of the following categories you MUST identify a role or your request will be returned:
  • Database Development/Administrator
  • Geospatial Specialist
  • Security Analyst
  • Web Specialist
* Vendor Selected:
Be sure the vendor you select is approved in the category you have selected. To see a list of vendors approved by skill set see the Category List.
* Primary Work Location:
(This should be the building address)
* Engagement Description:
(Work required, policies, work environment, other expectations, etc.)
Additional Skill Requirements:
Skill/Experience/Certification # of Years
(This is anything above and beyond the minimum requirements for the chosen category. Be sure to check the minimum required skills for the category you have selected. Fields limited to 50 characters for each additional skill - years must be in whole numbers)
* Vendor Response Deadline:

Within 24 hours
Other than 24 hours - Specify date and time:
(Must indicate a specific due date and time)

Vendor Submission Requirements:
  • Candidate Resume
  • Hourly Rate
  • Minimum Standards Worksheet for Candidate
  • Affidavit of Noncollusion


  • If you have questions, contact the ASAP-IT Program, at 651.201.1188 or TTY: MN Relay Service 1.800.627.3529.
  • Before submitting the form, please check for accuracy and to ensure that all fields are filled in as appropriate to your request, and as required (GO TO TOP).
  • If you wish to retain a copy of this form data, please print or save a copy of the form, or the Acknowledgement page, for your records.  For security reasons, email confirmation of form submissions is no longer provided. (Tip: You can save a .htm copy of the Acknowledgement page to your computer.)

IN-00572-W1 (7/2009)