ASAP-IT: Business Analyst

Professional Services

Business Analyst

The Maximum Hourly Rate allowed for this category is $95

(Note: Maximum rates represent the absolute cap that a vendor is allowed to charge. Many vendors proposed lower hourly rates and organizations are expected to negotiate the hourly rate as appropriate to the specific engagement and skill/knowledge level required.)

The following vendors have been approved under ASAP-IT to provide this
category of service. Click on a vendor name to see vendor-specific info.
Ambient Consulting, LLC. 
Charter Solutions, Inc.* 
Enclipse Corporation* 
Flexion Inc. 
Harbinger Partners, Inc. 
Hollstadt & Associates, Inc. 
IPCS-International Projects Consultancy Services, Inc* 
LogiSolve, LLC 
Macro Group Inc, The* 
On-Demand Services Group, Inc.* 
Project Consulting Group 
SDK Technical Services* 
Select Computing Incorporated* 
Sogeti USA 
Systems Technology Group, Inc. (STG) 
Talent Software Services, Inc.^ 
Tech-Pro, Inc 
Xylo Technologies, Inc.* 
Zinncorp Inc. 
Vendor Count: 22 

*Targeted Group
^Veteran Owned Vendor

Date last updated: 1/24/2018 10:46:29 PM