Minnesota IT Products and Standards - Team participation

Standard Products

Team participation

The IT Products and Standards program is an enterprise effort and made possible through the efforts of volunteer teams dedicated to controlling costs for Information Technology. In collaboration with the Department of Administration / Materials Management Division, and with a broad base of agency and K-12 representation, volunteer teams have helped the State of Minnesota, as an enterprise, to establish and adopt product standards.

Team size and composition is carefully managed. In order to properly represent "the enterprise," each team offers balanced representation from two perspectives: Entity type and Subject matter expertise. Team size varies and is dependent upon the tasks involved.

Team balance is considered from the following perspectives:

1. Enterprise perspective:

  • Agency
  • Boards & Councils
  • Local government (Cities and Counties)
  • Education

2. Subject matter expertise:

  • Procurement specialist
  • Technical specialist (IT Professional)
  • Power user

Team member schedule and commitment
Team member commitment for established product categories is generally no more than 16 hours per "refresh" while an effort to establish a new product category could require 2 hour weekly meetings for a whole year.

Team member participation agreement
Teams can only be successful if all team members are committed to teams goals. A team member participation agreement is used to confirm team member commitment and to safeguard sensitive and/or occasionally proprietary information. One important aspect to this argreement is the need for team members to place enterprise goals first and to maintain a vendor-neutral position.