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Education 19-inch wide format monitor

Minnesota Standards - Current Products
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OET ID Manufacturer - Model Vendor Price
23-27P88-101 Hewlett Packard - ProDisplay -P19A Compar $115.00
38-27P88-101 Hewlett Packard - ProDisplay -P19A En Pointe $115.00
47-27P88-101 Hewlett Packard - ProDisplay -P19A SHI $115.00
56-27P88-101 Hewlett Packard - ProDisplay -P19A Unique $115.00
69-27P88-101 Hewlett Packard - ProDisplay -P19A Now Micro $115.00
27-27P88-101 Hewlett Packard - ProDisplay -P19A Hewlett Packard $115.00
47-41P88-101 Lenovo - T2054p-60G1MAR2US SHI $116.00
69-46P88-101 Dell - Professional-P2016 Now Micro $120.00
46-46P88-101 Dell - Professional-P2016 Dell $120.00
23-41P88-101 Lenovo - T2054p-60G1MAR2US Compar $122.00
56-41P88-101 Lenovo - T2054p-60G1MAR2US Unique $125.00
69-41P88-101 Lenovo - T2054p-60G1MAR2US Now Micro $126.00
38-41P88-101 Lenovo - T2054p-60G1MAR2US En Pointe $152.00
Total number of products: 13

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