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Business class 24-inch wide format monitor

Minnesota Standards - Current Products
Prices are updated the first of every month. See Legacy products for products that are no longer current but still available.

OET ID Manufacturer - Model Vendor Price
56-14P133-87 Samsung - S24C450DL Unique $190.88
38-14P133-87 Samsung - S24C450DL En Pointe $191.00
56-76P133-87 NEC - MultiSync-E231W-BK Unique $192.58
23-14P133-87 Samsung - S24C450DL Compar $193.00
38-76P133-87 NEC - MultiSync-E231W-BK En Pointe $202.00
69-76P133-87 NEC - MultiSync-E231W-BK Now Micro $202.00
47-14P133-87 Samsung - S24C450DL SHI $206.00
23-76P133-87 NEC - MultiSync-E231W-BK Compar $207.00
Total number of products: 8

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