Color MFD - Large office

Product description
  Manufacturer:     Ricoh  
  Model name:     A) Ricoh, B) Lanier, C) Savin  
  Model number:     A) C6501, B) LD365c, C) C9065  
  Product SKU:     415182  
Product pricing
  Manufacturer list price:   $35,337.00  
  Contract price:   $14,711.00  
  Standards program price:     $14,711.00  
  36 month rental:     $489.83  
  48 month rental:     $383.73  
  60 month rental:     $320.31  
Maintenance options (black and white)
  Cost per color copy     $0.065  
  Cost per black/white copy     $0.009  
  Base A - 50,000 (black/white)     $375  
  Base A overage (black/white)     $0.0065  
  Base A overage (color)       
  Base B - 65,000 (black/white)     $422  
  Base B overage (black/white)     $0.0065  
  Base B overage (color)       
Specification Minnesota standard (minimum requirement) Product specification
Hyperlink to BASE model specs Provide a hyperlink to the manufacturers's primary document used to communicate detailed product specifications
Copy speed Black & White (ppm) in default/standard mode Specify 65
Copy speed Color (ppm) in default/standard mode 55 60
Monthly duty cycle Specify 300000
Recommended monthly print volume Provide target print volume for optimal performance 30,000-50,000
Copy, print, scan Included Included
Analog fax capability Specify included or not included Not included, Optional
Capable of adding integrated fax board Option must be available Option Available
Copy scan resolution 600dpi 600 dpi
Copy output resolution 600dpi 600 dpi
First copy time - BW (seconds) Specify 5.7 sec
First copy time - Color (seconds) 10 (maximum) 7.5 sec
Copy Zoom (reduce/enlarge) Specify 25%-400% 1% increments
Print resolution 600dpi 600 dpi
PCL6 print language Included Included
Postscript print language Specify Included or Not included (Option listed below) Optional
Scan to email (authenticated) Included Included
Scan to network Included Included, Filenet- not included, can be supported thru GlobalScan 3.1 direct plug in, offered as an option
Scan while printing Specify Yes/No Yes
Scan formats supported TIFF and PDF required. Specify all supported formats PDF, TIFF, JPEG
Integrated OCR Specify included or not included Not included, can be supported by GlobalScan or another solution - Offered as an option
Color scan Included Included
Color print/copy capable Specify Yes/No Yes
Maximum original size (ADF) 11" x 17" 11" x 17"
Max original size (platen) Specify 11" x 17"
Maximum output size 11" x 17" 11" x 17"
Paper trays included (number and capacity) Two 500 sheet trays Tray 1 - 1100 sheets; tray 2 & Tray 3 - 550 sheets each
Bypass tray Included - specify capacity Included 100 sheet
Total paper capacity, base configuration Specify capacity 3,400 sheets
Maximum configurable paper capacity (with additional trays) Specify capacity 8,300 sheet max capacity
Envelope feeder Specify Included or not included and capacity Not Included, Not Available
Auto duplexing Included Included
Reversing automatic document feeder (ADF) - speed and capacity Included - specify speed and capacity Included, 100 sheets, 65ppm
ADF - supported media sizes Letter, Legal, 11x17 Letter, Legal, 11 x 17 - No envelopes
Touch-screen display Included Included
Auto image rotation Included Included
Copy auditing Included - specify number of accounts Included ,500 users
Hard drive capacity (GB) 40GB 320MB (2x160MB)
Hard drive security - Overwrite Specify Included or Not included Included
Hard drive security - Encryption Specify Included or Not included Not included
Hard drive security - Secure print/Lock print Specify Included or Not included Included
Ethernet adapter 10/100 Mbps 10/100 Mbps
USB Port Specify Included, Optional or Not Available Included
Power Specify Power Connect Type (NEMA or IEC) Specify NEMA
Power - Amps and Voltage Specify 240v 20 amp
Power - Watts Specify Watts Specify 1440 maximum
Power surge protector Included Included
Energy Star compliance (verified at Energy Star compliant version 1.1 Yes V1.1
Stand, Cabinet, or Console Included - specify Stand, Cabinet or Console Comes with console
Device dimensions Provide dimensions (height, length, width) 43.1"h, 29.5"w, 33.5"d
Operational clearance requirements Provide clearance required (front & sides) 12 Inches on Both Sides
Supplies provided at time of installation Complete set of consumer replaceable supplies (excluding paper) - including, but not limited to toner and staples 2 toner cartridges 1 staple
Label printing capability Specify Yes/No and special requirements Yes
Warranty 90 days 90 days
VPAT registration filed Specify Yes or No Yes
Hyperlink to VPAT registration Provide web address of VPAT information (if available)
Other product features Describe other significant product features Time stamping, Date Stamping, Lan faxing, Store up to 3000 documents, Sends PDF files to printer without opening Adobe, HotSpot MFP Option Type E, File Format Converter Type E

Delivery options/schedule: See local dealers

Disclaimers: On machine replacement/removal, if the hard drive is to be removed and left with the department the charge for the HDD is $350.00

Credit allowed as part of upgrade/downgrade        SKU Credit  
Remove standard stand or cabinet       
Remove standard hard drive       

Standard Options* Description Product SKU Program price 36 month rental 48 month rental 60 month rental
Hard drive security: Disk overwrite application Included            
Hard drive security: Disk encryption HDD encryption unit Type A 414021 $273.00   $8.79   $6.89   $5.75  
Hard drive security: Secure print/Locked print Included            
Cabinet option (if applicable) Not applicable            
Stand option (if applicable) Not applicable            
Analog fax board Fax option type C7501 415192 $735.00   $23.68   $18.55   $15.48  
Additional paper trays option 1 LCT (RT 43) 002450MIU $1,617.00   $52.09   $40.80   $34.06  
Additional paper trays option 2 LCIT RT4000 413965 $3,346.00   $107.78   $84.44   $70.48  
Additional paper trays option 3 Cover Interposer Tray 3260 412213 $812.00   $26.16   $20.49   $17.10  
Additional paper trays option 4 "11X17" Tray Unit Type 2105 411398 $1,064.00   $34.27   $26.85   $22.41  
Envelope feeder Not available            
Bridge kit Finisher Adapter Type C 413973 $280.00   $9.02   $7.07   $5.90  
Finisher option 1 SR4030 3000 sheet finsher 50 sheet staple 414957 $2,240.00   $72.16   $56.53   $47.18  
Finisher option 2 SR4040 2000 finisher saddle stitch 414950 $3,850.00   $124.02   $97.15   $81.10  
Finisher option 3 SR5000 finisher 412981 $4,081.00   $131.46   $102.98   $85.96  
Finisher option 4 Multi Folding Unit Type FD5000 404183 $6,405.00   $206.32   $161.63   $134.92  
Finisher option 5 Punch Unit Type 3260 412209 $644.00   $20.75   $16.25   $13.57  
Hard drive (larger capacity drive) Not Available            
USB Port Included            
Postscript print language Adobe PS3 Type C7501 415195 $1,617.00   $52.09   $40.80   $34.06  
Secure fax Fax Option Type C7501 415912 $735.00   $23.68   $18.55   $15.48  
Scanning software option Included            
Hyperlink to other suggested software options            
Accessibility option 1            
Accessibility option 2            
Accessibility option 3            
All specifications provided above are MINIMUM requirements