SITE: Vendor Application Process

SITE: Vendor Application Process

Process for Applying to Participate in the SITE Program:

  1. Vendor completes SITE RFP (see instructions below) and returns to The Office of MN.IT Services
  2. The State will review the application and contact the vendor with any potential issues
  3. If no issues exist, the application will be sent to the review team
  4. If the application receives a passing score from the review team, the vendor will be sent a Master Contract via e-mail
  5. Vendor signs returns three (3) copies of the Master Contract along with proof of insurance using the instructions in the award email
  6. The State will review the insurance and routes the contract for the required State signatures
  7. Once all the required signatures are obtained and the insurance meets the program requirements, the Master Contract will be executed

Instructions for Completing SITE RFP:

Step 1: Open the application by clicking on the following link: SITE RFP
Step 2: When the Word document opens, save the document to your computer using the company name as the file name
Step 3: Complete all of the required form fields within the document. The narrative questions can be completed in the application document OR as a separate file (please use vendorname_narrative for the file name) and returned along with the application. Be sure to save the document with the answers to the form fields. All references should be sent in a single document - please do not send multiple files for references.

Note: to open hyperlinks within the RFP hold the Control key while clicking on the link.

When you have completed the application, return the completed document(s) via e-mail attachment to The form portion of the application must be submitted in WORD format - if you are attaching the narrative portions as a separate document, that may be returned as either WORD or PDF format.