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Category Description: Modeling is used for describing and classifying businesses and processes. It is the design of an organizational or data structure to enact an opportunity or value. Examples include, but are not limited to, business modeling, data modeling, event modeling, location modeling and process modeling.

Approved Vendors: The following vendors have been approved under the SITE Program to provide this category of service. Click on a vendor name to see the vendor profile.

Vendor*Maximum Rate
22nd Century Technologies, Inc.$80  
Advanced Strategies Inc.$215  
Advanced Technologies Integration, Inc.**$140  
Aequor Technologies Inc$107  
Aeritae Consulting Group$195  
Alfa Services USA, Inc.$150  
Ambient Consulting$125  
Analysts International Corporation (AIC)$185  
Blackburn Consulting, Inc.**$150  
C2 IT Solutions$115  
Charter Solutions, Inc.**$155  
Cognizant Technology Solutions$210  
Collier IT**$253  
Compunnel Software Group, Inc.$100  
Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI)$253  
ComTec Information Systems$135  
CSG Government Solutions$185  
Cynet Systems Inc.$185  
Dahl Consulting$135  
Dunn Solutions Group$160  
Elegant Enterprise Wide Solutions, Inc.$160  
Enclipse Corp.**$200  
Fathom Consulting**$210  
Frontage Technologies Inc.$130  
Fulcrum Consulting, LLC$160  
GCOM Software, Inc.$140  
Growe Technologies**$175  
HHS Technology Group, LLC$150  
High Monkey$145  
Hiper Hipo, Inc.$200  
Horizontal Integration$110  
Iceberg Technology Group$240  
Information Resource Group, Inc. (IRG)$95  
innoSoul, Inc.$125  
INT Technologies$150  
Integration Architects, Inc.$175  
Intuitive Technology Group$220  
IRIS Consulting$120  
iTech Solutions, Inc$113  
ITProfound Inc$169  
Javen Technologies, Inc.$100  
KellyMitchell Group$75  
Knowledge: IT, a Cooperative$180  
Logic House Ltd.$145  
MACRO GROUP Inc., The**$125  
Metex Inc.$181  
MindStack Consulting Inc$100  
MSys Inc$140  
North Highland Consulting$210  
NorthShore Resources, Inc.$125  
Novalink Solutions LLC$174  
Nu Info Systems, Inc.$135  
Open Systems Technologies$220  
Project Consulting Group$140  
Q Consulting$145  
Questa Technology Inc.$150  
Quetica, LLC$160  
Real World Technologies Inc$145  
RedMane Technology LLC$252  
Resource Data, Inc. (RDI)$135  
Rose International, Inc.$118  
S3 Staff$140  
SA Technologies Inc$145  
SDK Technical Services$130  
Select Computing Incorporated (SCi)**$135  
Software Analysts Corporation$145  
Summit 7 Systems$180  
Symphony Enterprises, LLC$115  
Systems Technology Group, Inc. (STG)$217  
TAJ Technologies$140  
Talent Software Services, Inc.^$130  
Trigyn Technologies, Inc. $166  
Trissential, LLC$175  
Visual Consultants, Inc**$110  
vTech Solution Inc.$166  
Wipfli LLP$225  
Xylo Technologies**$125  
Zinncorp, Inc.$150  
Vendor Count: 94 
*Maximum rates represent the absolute cap that a vendor is allowed to charge. Organizations are expected to negotiate the hourly rate as appropriate to the specific engagement and skill/knowledge level required.
**Targeted Group
^Veteran Owned Vendor

Date last updated: 10/11/2017 12:56:04 PM