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Leading the Organization

Find resources and advice to assist in vision setting and supporting strategic planning for large groups while working in step with other leaders. Your organization could be your team or committee, group of teams or committees, agency, group of agencies, or the enterprise.

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Fiscal Management

Understanding the broader context of our budget is critical to our role as public servants and stewards of the state's financial resources. 

Influencing Others

Coming soon! An influential leader acts with integrity and takes a genuine interest in those on their team. 

Managing Organizational Change

Coming soon! Have answers (or know where to find them) as you guide change for the organization. 

Problem Solving

We can work collaboratively to balance our concerns with our bottom line. Indecision will never solve a problem.

Setting Vision

A vision statement can guide and inspire your organization for many, many years. 

Strategic Planning

Assess where you are, where you want to be, and how you're going to get there. 

Something Missing?

The Leadership Learning Hub is a collaborative space – please participate!

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