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Site Standards and FAQ

About our Resources

Resources listed on the site support our leaders in gaining a deeper understanding of leadership topics and help make knowledge actionable. Resources are chosen to provide a strong foundation to support big ideas and continuous learning. Resources can offer opportunities to practice and improve your skills.

Learning never ends, so our list of resources gets longer all the time! There are always more templates, articles, books, videos, websites, and more being added to our resource lists, so please keep visiting the Leadership Learning Hub to find something new!

Defining “Resources from the Enterprise” and “Recommended by Successful Teams”

Resources from the enterprise are sourced within the State of Minnesota. This is our enterprise content with our Minnesota logo on it. Resources from the enterprise are handbooks, policies, templates, training, and services developed by enterprise teams. 

Resources recommended by successful teams are sourced from outside of the enterprise. These are articles, books, podcasts, videos, and community websites that have been recommended by multiple experts. These are often referenced in our current training or at agency events like guest speaker presentations or book clubs. Essentially, this is your colleagues' way of saying, “this worked for me; maybe it will work for you, too!”

Successful teams are the enterprise’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and/or those in leadership and/or training positions that have the responsibility (and enthusiasm!) to transfer knowledge to others. 

Resources are organized like this for two reasons: 

  1. We want to be clear on the ownership and responsibility of the content featured on this site.  
  2. If a resource comes from the enterprise, that means there is an opportunity to collaborate with a colleague, and you can connect directly with the team that provided the resource.  

Resource Standards and Vetting Process

Resources from the enterprise cannot be specific to one agency’s operations. Resources must be from recent and credible sources, cannot be hidden behind a paywall, or sourced from a site with harmful bias or entertainment purposes. 

The Leadership Learning Hub team works with SMEs, leadership, and legal teams to approve all content.

What is a SME? 

A Subject Matter Expert (SME) will be designated as such in their position description for the role(s) they play at the state. A SME will work with specific information daily in their role and have enough experience to discern valid and useful resources. 

If you or someone you know is a SME that is interested in helping to develop and review content on The Leadership Learning Hub, please connect with McCayla Groski ( and Megan Frank ( to offer your expertise.  

About our Leadership Topics

There is a broad spectrum of topics and skills that can make a leader successful. 

The Leadership Learning Hub highlights information as it pertains to leadership in state government, meaning content may only discuss fractions of complicated and nuanced subjects. 

Topics posted at the launch of the Leadership Learning Hub (January 2023) were chosen based on relevant competency models and enterprise initiatives. Topics listed as trending on the homepage are frequently selected site pages as based on website data. Topics are added based on recommendations from the enterprise and relevant state issues. 

About our Advice

The advice found on the Leadership Learning Hub offers quick tips and provides context for resources listed under each leadership topic. The advice or “story content” found on each page is subject to the same review process as our resources. This content is edited and reviewed by SMEs, leadership, and legal teams, and is inspired by the knowledge found in our recommended resources. This language is also often pulled from other approved enterprise communications to ensure a consistent message. 

Offering Your Own Advice

As the site grows, there will be unique opportunities for leadership participation. If you would like to offer advice, promote an enterprise initiative, or participate in a leadership Q&A session, please connect with McCayla Groski ( and Megan Frank ( to make a plan! 

Submitting Feedback or Recommendations

The Leadership Learning Hub is a collaborative space – please participate! 

Submit this form if you would like to suggest a new topic, recommend additional resources for an existing topic, or just have general feedback for the Leadership Learning Hub.

Your submission will be reviewed by the Leadership Learning Hub team, resources will be gathered and vetted, and advice will be reviewed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and legal teams before getting posted to the website. This process can take a few months, so please be patient as you wait for your recommendation to appear on the site. The Leadership Learning Hub team may reach out to you to discuss your recommendation. 

Recommendations that are too specific to one agency’s operations, do not qualify as a leadership topic, or are vague or unclear may not be featured. 

About the Leadership Learning Hub

Those in leadership positions need to give – and receive – opportunities for connection, training, and reliable tools for their teams to work in service of continuous improvement and support a culture of learning. 

The Leadership Learning Hub encourages collaboration for leaders at every level to help meet this goal. At the heart of The Hub, you will find a deep belief that leader is a personality trait, not just a job title. 

Who created this site?

When the results of the 2020 Engagement and Inclusion Survey were released amid the COVID-19 pandemic, teams from across the enterprise were assigned to respond to new agency needs. Enterprise employees were asking for more connection, training, and resources to navigate unprecedented times. This meant creating more opportunities for engagement, new learning options, and grab-and-go tools to fulfill urgent requests. 

The Office of Conflict and Dispute Resolution (OCDR) developed a human-centered leadership training program to promote interpersonal skills to help leaders flex to the needs of everyone on their team. 

Enterprise Talent Development (ETD) planned to extend their learning support for managers and supervisors to go beyond their required core training and support career-long skills development. 

Management Analysis and Development (MAD) and Organizational Health (OH) decided to promote their services on a central site to make it easy for leaders to meet the needs of their teams. 

Seeing a similarity in goals, tactics, and enthusiasm for collaboration, Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) Communications and Enterprise Engagement brought these teams together to create a site now known as The Leadership Learning Hub.

Who manages this site?

The Leadership Learning Hub team is made of two groups: one team to source, filter, and research content, and the other to edit advice and update the website. These groups have representation from OCDR, ETD, MAD, OH, Communications, and Enterprise Engagement, and both groups receive SME, leadership, and legal support. 

For questions or comments on leadership topics and/or resources, contact McCayla (Thoe) Groski (

For questions or comments on leadership advice or site updates, contact Megan Frank. (

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