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On this page you will find the latest press releases and statements from the Office of Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan.

Governor Walz Proclaims ‘Climate Week’ in Minnesota

9/23/2019 12:47:03 PM

[ST. PAUL, MN] – Today, Governor Tim Walz issued a proclamation declaring September 23 – 29, 2019, as Climate Week in Minnesota. As young people across the world call for action on climate change and the United Nations hosts its Climate Summit with world leaders in New York, Walz proclaimed Climate Week in Minnesota to recognize the urgency of taking bold action to mitigate climate change and move our state toward a clean energy economy.

“Climate change threatens the very things that make Minnesota a great place to live, from our magnificent 10,000 lakes to our farmable land and clean air,” said Governor Walz. “If Washington won’t lead on climate, Minnesota will. That is why we are taking action to reduce carbon emissions, protect public health, create jobs, and ensure our state is at the forefront of the Green Economy.”

Governor Walz has taken bold actions to ensure Minnesota is at the forefront of the effort to combat climate change. He recently established the Governor’s Biofuels Council to advise his Administration on policies that will foster growth of Minnesota’s biofuel industry and help move our state toward a cleaner, greener transportation sector. The Council will advise the Governor on how to best expand the use of biofuels, increase the carbon efficiency of biofuels, and implement biofuels as part of Minnesota’s larger goal to reduce greenhouse gas production in the transportation sector.

Governor Walz has also put forward a set of policy proposals that will lead our state’s electricity sector to 100% clean energy by 2050. These policies will reduce Minnesota’s dependence on fossil fuels and increase the use of clean energy while ensuring reliable, affordable electricity. This effort will help ensure Minnesota has a cleaner, healthier environment and a strong clean energy economy. Already, more than 59,000 Minnesotans work in clean energy, with 40 percent of these jobs in Greater Minnesota.

The proclamation can be read here or in full below:

WHEREAS: Climate change threatens the very things that make Minnesota a great place to live, from our magnificent 10,000 lakes to our farmable land and clean air; and

WHEREAS: Pollution and environmental degradation are already existing issues exacerbated by climate change, and access to these natural resources may depend on one's zip code, income level, or race; and

WHEREAS: Minnesota should be at the forefront of finding innovative solutions to climate change; and

WHEREAS: Investing in clean energy will create good-paying jobs, protect our clean air and water, and drive economic growth across Minnesota; and

WHEREAS: Moving to a clean energy economy requires a just and equitable transition that addresses the needs of impacted workers and families and is inclusive of historically marginalized communities; and

WHEREAS: Tackling climate change requires creative and courageous thinking from a variety of organizations, businesses, government entities, tribal nations, foundations, and nonprofits; and

WHEREAS: The Walz Administration is committed to collaborative action and centering the people most affected by climate change as we work together.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, TIM WALZ, Governor of Minnesota, do hereby proclaim September 23-29, 2019 as MINNESOTA CLIMATE WEEK in the State of Minnesota.

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