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Judicial Appointments News

Walz, Flanagan Announce Appointees to the Commission on Judicial Selection

3/1/2019 1:08:27 PM

[ST. PAUL, MN] – Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan today announced the appointments to the Commission on Judicial Selection. The 26 appointees include six at-large members and 20 district members, two from each of the ten judicial districts. The Administration’s appointees include thirteen people of color or indigenous people, sixteen women, and seven incumbents. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor previously announced Lola Velazquez-Aguilu as the Chair of the Commission, and all 49 members will serve terms that expire on January 2, 2023.

We can’t have justice without diverse and inclusive courts,” said Governor Walz. “Today’s announcement is part of our continued commitment to equity. I thank today’s appointees for volunteering to serve in the incredibly important role of reviewing and recommending candidates for our District Trial Courts and the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals.”

“Our courts should reflect the communities they serve,” said Lieutenant Governor Flanagan. “The commission will be a vital part of the judicial appointments process and help ensure we create a fair judicial system that helps provide justice to Minnesotans of all backgrounds.”

“These commissioners represent the great talent that exists across Minnesota,” said Chairwoman Lola Velazquez-Aguilu. “They bring a wealth of personal and professional experience that will prove invaluable as we set out to recruit and recommend the next generation of our state’s judiciary.”

About the Commission on Judicial Selection
The Commission on Judicial Selection solicits, considers, and recommends candidates to the Governor for vacancies in the District Trial Courts and the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals. It is a joint Commission, appointed by the Governor and the Supreme Court, made up of nine at-large members, including the Chair, and four district members from each of Minnesota’s ten Judicial Districts.

For more information regarding the appointees and the work of the Commission, please visit the Governor’s website.

The Governor’s appointees include:

  • Sheree Curry, At-Large Member, Non-Attorney
  • Nathan LaCoursiere, At-Large Member, Attorney
  • Patrick Mader, At-Large Member, Non-Attorney
  • Keiko Sugusaka, At-Large Member, Attorney
  • Joshua Tuchscherer, At-Large Member, Attorney
  • Katherine Barrett Wiik, At-Large Member, Attorney
  • David Metzen, First Judicial District Member, Non-Attorney
  • Sarah Wheelock, First Judicial District Member, Attorney
  • Adrianna Alejandro-Osorio, Second Judicial District Member, Non-Attorney
  • Maya Salah, Second Judicial District Member, Attorney
  • Dr. Adenuga Atewologun, Third Judicial District Member, Non-Attorney
  • Robert Gilbertson, Third Judicial District Member, Attorney
  • Erick Garcia Luna, Fourth Judicial District Member, Non-Attorney
  • Melissa Muro LaMere, Fourth Judicial District Member, Attorney
  • James Hepworth, Fifth Judicial District Member, Non-Attorney
  • Lynn Johnson, Fifth Judicial District Member, Attorney
  • Phillip Drobnick, Sixth Judicial District Member, Non-Attorney
  • Daniel Lew, Sixth Judicial District Member, Attorney
  • Lisa Borgen, Seventh Judicial District Member, Attorney
  • Hudda Ibrahim, Seventh Judicial District Member, Non-Attorney
  • Timothy Lindberg, Eighth Judicial District Member, Non-Attorney
  • Brianna Zuber, Eighth Judicial District Member, Attorney
  • Susan Beck, Ninth Judicial District Member, Non-Attorney
  • Michael Garbow, Ninth Judicial District Member, Attorney
  • Sharon Van Leer, Tenth Judicial District Member, Non-Attorney
  • Viet-Hanh Winchell, Tenth Judicial District Member, Attorney
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