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Governor's Cabinet

Photograph of  Alice  Roberts-Davis
Alice Roberts-Davis
Department of Administration
Photograph of  Thom  Petersen
Thom Petersen
Department of Agriculture
Photograph of  Steve  Kelley
Steve Kelley
Department of Commerce
Photograph of  Paul  Schnell
Paul Schnell
Department of Corrections
Photograph of  Mary Cathryn  Ricker
Mary Cathryn Ricker
Department of Education
Photograph of  Steve  Grove
Steve Grove
Department of Employment and Economic Development
Photograph of  Jan  Malcolm
Jan Malcolm
Department of Health
Photograph of  Dennis  Olson
Dennis Olson
Office of Higher Education
Photograph of  Jennifer  Leimaile Ho
Jennifer Leimaile Ho
Housing Finance Agency
Photograph of  Rebecca  Lucero
Rebecca Lucero
Department of Human Rights
Photograph of  Jodi  Harpstead
Jodi Harpstead
Department of Human Services
Photograph of  Mark  Phillips
Mark Phillips
Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board
Photograph of  Nancy  Leppink
Nancy Leppink
Department of Labor and Industry
Photograph of  Charlie  Zelle
Charlie Zelle
Metropolitan Council
Photograph of  Myron  Frans
Myron Frans
Minnesota Management and Budget
Photograph of  Tarek  Tomes
Tarek Tomes
Minnesota Information Technology Services
Photograph of  Janet  Johnson
Janet Johnson
Bureau of Mediation Services
Photograph of Major General Jon  Jensen
Major General Jon Jensen
Department of Military Affairs
Photograph of  Sarah  Strommen
Sarah Strommen
Department of Natural Resources
Photograph of  Laura  Bishop
Laura Bishop
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Photograph of  John  Harrington
John Harrington
Department of Public Safety
Photograph of  Cynthia  Bauerly
Cynthia Bauerly
Department of Revenue
Photograph of  Margaret  Anderson Kelliher
Margaret Anderson Kelliher
Department of Transportation
Photograph of  Larry  Herke
Larry Herke
Department of Veterans Affairs
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