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Title: Lodging License
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The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) licenses and inspects lodging establishments in Minnesota. Other agencies jurisdiction with for lodging licensing and inspection include local jurisdictions (city/county) which have entered into a delegation agreement with MDH and tribal health agencies.

Subject: Hospitality Industry
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Agency Name: Health (MDH), Minnesota Department of
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Agency Description: The Minnesota Department of Health is the state's lead public health agency, responsible for protecting, maintaining and improving the health of all Minnesotans.
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Lodging establishments meeting the following definitions must be licensed in Minnesota.


Lodging establishment

A building, structure, enclosure, or any part thereof used as, maintained as, advertised as, or held out to be a place where sleeping accommodations are furnished to the public as regular roomers, for periods of one week or more, and having five or more beds to let to the public.

Hotel or Motel

A building, structure, enclosure, or any part thereof used as, maintained as, advertised as, or held out to be a place where sleeping accommodations are furnished to the public and furnishing accommodations for periods of less than one week.


A building, structure, enclosure, or any part thereof located on, or on property neighboring, any lake, stream, skiing or hunting area, or any recreational area for purposes of providing convenient access thereto, kept, used, maintained, or advertised as, or held out to the public to be a place where sleeping accommodations are furnished to the public, and primarily to those seeking recreation for periods of one day, one week, or longer, and having for rent five or more cottages, rooms, or enclosures.

Boarding establishment

A food and beverage service establishment where food or beverages, or both are furnished to five or more regular boarders, whether with or without sleeping accommodations, for periods of one week or more.

Bed & Breakfast

Owner occupied establishments which offer lodging and breakfast, without a limitation on the number of rooms offered. If breakfast is offered to more than 10 persons, a commercial kitchen is required.

Care Facilities

Many Care Facilities are regulated by the Health Regulation Division within MDH. Visit Minnesota Health Care Facilities Programs for more information.

  • Licenses Required Per Type of Lodging
Lodging License Type Number of Units Duration of Stay Additional Licenses Which May be Needed
Bed & Breakfast 1 or more 1 night or longer Food (see: Bed and Breakfast Operations)
Resort 5 or more 1 night or more Food and Beverage (see: Food Business Licensing)
Swimming Pool-Spa Pool (see: Public Swimming Pools)
Lodging 5 or more One week or more A Special Services Registration may be required (see: Boarding and Lodging with Special Services or Housing with Services)
Boarding Establishment 5 or more One week or more Food (see: Food Business Licensing)
Hotel/Motel 1 or more One day or longer Food (see: Food Business Licensing)
Swimming Pool-Spa Pool (see: Public Swimming Pools)
Vacation Home Rentals 1 or more One day or longer A hotel/motel license may be required.

Housing with Services and Board and Lodging with Special Services establishments provide sleeping accommodations for residents. A lodging license may be required. If food is provided, a boarding license may also be required. Please contact the appropriate licensing authority to determine if a lodging or boarding license is necessary:

Rules: 4625

Statutes: 157.16


See Plan Review

Plan Review - Retail Food Establishments

New Construction (PDF)

Remodel or Addition (PDF)

Temporary/Seasonal (PDF)
Use this application for mobile food unit, seasonal permanent food stand, seasonal temporary food stand, food cart.

License Applications

License application forms are not available online. Contact MDH at 651-201-4500 for a license application.

Fees: Annual Fees and Plan Review Fees

The cost depends on the number of bedrooms you offer. Each licensee pays a base fee along with an amount per lodging room. If you offer a swimming pool, spa pool or food there is an extra charge. In addition, if you have a well or septic system, there will be an additional cost.

Annual fees include: base fee (highest of any applicable base fees), statewide hospitality fee, and all applicable license fees.

The plan review fee (when plan submittal is required) is separate from the license fee. 

Establishment fee description

Plan review fee (new)

Plan review fee (remodel)

License fee

Base fee – lodging

Not applicable

Not applicable


Statewide Hospitality fee

Not applicable

Not applicable


Lodging – less than 25 units



$11 per unit

Lodging –  25 to 99 units



$11 per unit

Lodging  –  100 units or more



$11 per unit

Cabins – less than five cabins



$11 per unit

Cabins – five to nine cabins



$11 per unit

Cabins – 10 or more



$11 per unit

Private sewer or water

Not applicable

Not applicable


Other Administrative Fees

        ▪  Late Fee, up to 30 days late - $120

        ▪  Late Fee, more than 30 days - $360

Period of Issuance:

January 1 through December 31. The license must be renewed annually.

Establishment licenses in the City of St. Paul are valid for one year from the date the initial license was issued.

Length of Determination:

You will receive your license in the mail in about two weeks.

Once plans are approved and construction is completed, follow these steps to get your establishment license:

1. Apply for a license.

Contact MDH to request a license application. The license fee is separate from the plan review fee.

Submit the completed license application and required license fee before contacting MDH to request a preoperational inspection.

2. Have your establishment inspected.

Contact MDH 14 days before the intended opening date to schedule a preoperational inspection. The inspection will cover all aspects of your approved project, including:

    ▪ Equipment is present, correctly installed and operational.

    ▪ Floor, wall and ceiling finishes are installed as approved.

    ▪ Mechanical and plumbing installations are approved by the appropriate authority.

3. Post the license in the establishment.

MDH will issue a license after approval. Post the original license in the establishment at all times.

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