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Title: Screenings Purchase Permit
Alternate Title:
Description: Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA)
Subject: Screenings
Creation Date: 9/11/2008 2:17:09 PM
Modification Date: 2/11/2010 12:03:55 PM
Agency Name: Agriculture (MDA), Minnesota Department of
Agency URL:
Agency Description: The mission of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is to enhance Minnesotans' quality of life by ensuring the integrity of our food supply, the health of our environment, and the strength of our agricultural economy.
Agency Phone: 651-201-6000
Agency Fax: Agency URL:
Agency Address:
625 N. Robert Street

St. Paul
Division Name: Plant Protection
Division URL:
Division Description:
Division Phone: Division Fax: Division URL:
Unit Name: Seed Unit
Unit URL:
Unit Description:
Unit Phone: 651-201-6309
Unit Fax: Contact person(s):
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Audience: Hold Application URL:
Renewal URL:
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Devitalization of weed seeds in screenings must meet requirements established by statute.

Vehicles and containers used for the transportation of weed-seed infested screenings must not leak or scatter the screenings onto land or water. 

If weed-seed infested screenings will be transported on public highways, a Permit to Transport Weed Propagating Parts in Infested Materials or Equipment (Form 34) must be obtained from a local weed inspector or County Agricultural Inspector prior to transporting. If the screenings are adequately devitalized (see requirements, above) before being transported, a Permit to Transport is not necessary.

Statutes: 21.74


Screenings Permit Application (PDF)


Annual Screenings Purchase Permit application fee - None

Period of Issuance:

January 1 - December 31.

Length of Determination: One day to one week.
Other Info:
Activity: Seeds
License Detail URL:


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