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Title: Game and Fur Farm License
Alternate Title:
Description: Authorizes a person to breed and propagate fur bearing animals, game birds, bear only on privately owned or leased land. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Subject: Fur
Game Farm
Creation Date: 9/11/2008 2:13:30 PM
Modification Date: 9/10/2019 8:30:22 AM
Agency Name: Natural Resources (DNR), Minnesota Department of
Agency URL:
Agency Description: The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages the state's natural resources. Hunting, fishing, state forests and parks, lakes, rivers and streams, boating and water safety, trails, snowmobiling, skiing, education, enforcement, wildlife management, lands and minerals are managed by the DNR.
Agency Phone: 651-296-6157
Agency Fax: Agency URL:
Agency Address: Natural Resources (DNR), Minnesota Dept. of
500 Lafayette Rd.

St. Paul
MN 55155

Division Name: License Center
Division URL:
Division Description:
Division Phone: 651-355-0147
Division Fax: Division URL:
Division Address:
Please complete the following information as a part of your license application request and an application and rules will be mailed:
-Specify what application type being requested | Include your: -Name (First, Middle, Last) -Mailing address -Phone Number

Audience: Hold Application URL:
Renewal URL:
Versa URL:

Licenses issued to residents only.

Licenses issued to corporations or individuals.

All new applications must be approved by the local conservation officer before license is issued.

Sales receipts are issued free of charged when requested from the License Bureau.

Record keeping books are issued by the Department of Natural Resource's Enforcement Division.  

Reports required.

Federal requirements for waterfowl.

Rules: 6242.0500 - .1200

Statutes: 97A.105


Application for a Game and Fur Farm License, #725



Period of Issuance:

Annual (March - March)

Length of Determination: Up to four weeks.
Other Info:
Activity: Fur
Game Farm
License Detail URL:

Natural Resources (DNR), Minnesota Department of

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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

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