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Title: Underground Storage Tank (UST) Registration
Alternate Title: UST (Underground Storage Tank) Registration
Description: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)
Subject: Storage Tanks
Creation Date: 9/11/2008 2:18:10 PM
Modification Date: 8/3/2009 2:14:55 PM
Agency Name: Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), Minnesota
Agency URL:
Agency Description: The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is responsible for administering environmental permitting, compliance/enforcement, remediation and outreach programs to help Minnesota protect its environment.
Agency Phone: 651-296-6300
Agency Fax: Agency URL:
Agency Address:
520 Lafayette Rd. N.

St. Paul
MN 55155

Unit Name: JoAnn Henry
Unit URL:
Unit Description:
Unit Phone: 651-757-2429
Unit Fax: Contact person(s): Unit URL:
Audience: Hold Application URL:
Renewal URL:
Versa URL:

All regulated UST systems must be registered. A regulated UST system is:

Any one or combination of containers including tanks, vessels, enclosures, or structures used to contain or dispense regulated substances, and the volume which, including the volume of underground pipes connected to them, is ten percent or more beneath the surface of the ground. Larger than 110 gallons.

Regulated USTs DO NOT include:

-Farm or residential tanks of 1,100 gallons or less capacity storing motor or heating fuel for non-commercial purposes.
-USTs less than 110 gallons capacity.
-Heating oil tanks of 1,100 or less capacity used for consumptive use on the premises where the heating oil is stored.
-Septic tanks.
-Liquid traps or associated gathering lines directly related to oil or gas production and gathering operations.
-Fertilizer tanks.
-LP tanks.
-Propane tanks.

Rules: 7150.0090

Statutes: 116.46


Notification/Change in Status for Underground Storage Tanks

Fact sheets available at Storage Tank publications


There is no fee for notification.

Period of Issuance:

Registrations are valid until the tank is altered or removed.

Length of Determination: Notifications are effective upon receipt by the Pollution Control Agency.
Other Info:
Activity: Underground Storage Tanks
License Detail URL:

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Systems


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

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