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Title: Air -Part 70 Low Emitting Facility General Permit
Alternate Title:
Description: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)
Subject: Air
Air Quality
Creation Date: 8/5/2010 1:53:35 PM
Modification Date: 9/11/2019 9:36:57 AM
Agency Name: Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), Minnesota
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Agency Description: The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is responsible for administering environmental permitting, compliance/enforcement, remediation and outreach programs to help Minnesota protect its environment.
Agency Phone: 651-296-6300
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520 Lafayette Rd. N.

St. Paul
MN 55155

Unit Name: Business Environmental Assistance Program
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Unit Phone: 651-282-6143
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Minn. Rules 7007.0200 and Minn. Rules 7007.0250 specify the facilities requiring an air emissions permit. Construction of a new source meeting those specifications must receive an air emissions permit prior to commencement of construction. In some cases, Environmental Review (Minn. Rules 4410) and/or Air Emission Risk Analysis (AREA) is required before a permit can be issued. Facility needs to determine if a permit is required, based on potential emissions, and type of facility described in Minn. Rules 7007.0200 and Minn. Rules 7007.0250, and apply for the appropriate type. 

The Part 70 Low-emitting Facility (LEF) General Permit is primarily intended for businesses with high potential emissions and low actual emissions that began operating without an air permit. Examples of businesses that are likely to apply are auto-body shops, metal fabrication facilities, cabinet shops, other businesses that coat or paint, and facilities that have engines, boilers or tanks on site. However, anyone can apply. Target facilities may have: constructed a major source under the New Source Review (NSR) program and/or constructed and operated a major source of hazardous air pollutants.

The LEF General Permit is for facilities with only the following pollutant-generating activities: cleaning, painting/coating, cutting, grinding, blasting, welding, brazing, soldering, and fossil fuel combustion, engine testing, injection molding, unpaved roads, parking lots and /or other insignificant activities listed in Minn. Rules 7007.1300 and/or conditionally insignificant activities listed in Minn. Rules 7008. There are also General Permits for Manufacturing facilities and for sand and gravel operations. Some facilities who qualify for the Low Emitting Facility General Permit may also qualify for a Registration Permit or a Capped Permit; for a facility that has not yet been constructed, those are likely better options. Those facilities who do not qualify for either a Registration Permit, a General Permit, or Capped Permit or who prefer not to accept the restrictions of the Registration Permit, General Permit, or Capped Permit must obtain an individual Part 70 Operating Permit or State Operating Permit. Only one Air Emissions Permit is required for a facility;  it covers construction and operation. The type depends on the individual facility.

Rules: 7002

Statutes: 116.07


Application forms are available at Permit forms and online submittals

Fact sheets are available at Air fact sheets


There is a one-time application fee assessed when a facility applies for a Low Emitting Facility General Permit. A fee is also assessed for an administrative change; for example, change in ownership or name change.

 A newly permitted facility is also assessed an initial emission fee based on the estimated actual emissions of "chargeable pollutants" (nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter smaller than 10 microns, sulfur dioxide, lead, and any other pollutant for which a national ambient air quality standard is promulgated, except carbon monoxide), as stated in the permit application. Thereafter, fees are assessed annually based on a facility's actual emissions of the chargeable pollutants, as reported in an annual emissions inventory.

 Air emission-based fees are charged on a "dollar per ton of emissions" basis. The fees are calculated annually based on various factors. For more information on how air emission-based fees are calculated, go to Emission Inventory Fees

Period of Issuance:

The Low Emitting Facility General Permit is a Part 70 permit, and therefore expires every 5 years.

Length of Determination: It is recommended that an application for an air emission permit for any new facility be filed at least 180 days before the planned commencement of construction. General Permits do not require a public notice period prior to issuance, but may require Environmental Review, which does include a public notice period.
Other Info:
Activity: Air Quality
Manufacturing Facility
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Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)

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