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Title: Minnesota Driver's License
Alternate Title: Minnesota Driver's License
Description: Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS)
Subject: Drivers
Drivers' License
Creation Date: 9/15/2008 11:06:59 AM
Modification Date: 5/28/2024 11:46:05 AM
Agency Name: Public Safety (DPS), Minnesota Department of
Agency URL:
Agency Description: The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) is responsible for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement, Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), Emergency Communication Networks, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Office of Justice Programs, State Fire Marshal, Pipeline Safety, State Highway Patrol, Capitol Security and Traffic Safety.
Agency Phone: 651-201-7000
Agency Fax: Agency URL:
Agency Address: Public Safety (DPS), Minnesota Dept. of
445 Minnesota Street

St. Paul
Division Name: Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS)
Division URL:
Division Description:
Division Phone: 651-297-3298
651-284-2000 Driver's License Status
651-282-6555 TTY
Division Fax: Division URL:
Division Address:
445 Minnesota St., Suite 190

St. Paul
MN 55101-5190

Audience: Application URL:
Renewal URL:
Versa URL:

Driver's License for All
The Driver's License for All law eliminates the need to show proof of legal presence in the United States to get a standard Minnesota class D driver's license, instruction permit or standard identification (ID) card.


Driver's License Information

Driver's license and ID card identification requirements​:

How to Get a Driver's License

Four Minnesota driver's license examples
Study for the written exam and prepare your required documents.

  • Read the driver's manual
  • ​Documents must be in English or translated with a certificate of translation form.
  • Proof of legal presence is no longer needed after Oct. 1, 2023.
​Make an appointment online for your class D knowledge (written) test.
  • October appointments are available.
  • Appointments are required to apply.
  • Pre-applications are not available until Oct. 1.
Attend your appointment and pass your written test.
  • The written test is available in nine languages.
  • If you use a third party proctor, you will need to visit DVS to complete the application to get a permit and take a photo for your permit.
  • Receive a driving permit after passing the written test.
  • A vision test is required after passing the written test and before a permit is issued.
Practice driving for three to six months before a road test can be taken.
  • Six months for ages 18 and younger; three months for ages 19 and older.
  • Review the manual for permit restrictions.
Make an appointment online to take the skills (road) test.
  • Bring a vehicle in safe working condition with proof of insurance and your permit to your appointment.
  • ​Insurance does not have to be in your name but must be for the vehicle.
After passing your road test, your photo will be taken before issuing your driver's license.  
  • ​A paper temporary driver’s license will be given until the card arrives in the mail.
  • ​Driver's license cards can take up to 6 weeks to arrive in the mail.
Additional requirements may apply if under 18 year

Review manual

​Driver's License Manual and Study Material
Driver's Manuals 3.png

The manual is available in multiple languages at Forms/Documents/Manuals page

Manuals​  Printing Manuals:  

To print a manual in booklet form, select the "Booklet" option from either the "Page Sizing" or "Printer Properties" tabs within the Print Window.

Printed copies are available in Spanish, Somali, Hmong, and English​ at the Hennepin County Library - see Partner Resources.​

Driver's Manual Audio Files

Minnesota Class D Driver's Manual Audio Files (In English):

Motorcycle Manual Audio Files

Minnesota Motorcycle Manual Audio Files (In English):

1 - Introduction to Minnesota Motorcycle Manual (5:25)
2 - Skills Test Checklist (1:34)
3 - Preface (14:26
4 - Motorized Bicycle and Moped (6:46)
5 - MN Rider Training and Education (1:16)
6 - Motorcycle Operating Manual - Intro (19:33)
7 - Motorcycle Operating Manual - pgs. 1-15 (21:10)
8 - Motorcycle Operating Manual - pgs. 16-24 (20:40)
9 - Motorcycle Operating Manual - pgs. 25-32 (20:26)
10 - Motorcycle Operating Manual - pgs. 32-38 (19:40)
11 - Motorcycle Operating Manual - pgs. 39-41 (17:02)
12 - Three-Wheel Supplement (18:19)
13 - Hand Signals (1:49)
14 - Two-Wheel Skill Test (2:44)
15 - Three-Wheel Skill Test (2:39)
16 -T-CLOCS Pre-Ride Checklist (8:19)

Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Manual Audio Files

Minnesota CDL Manual Audio Files (In English):

Practice Test - The test consists of 25 practice questions to help people prepare for the written test. ​

Study Guide- Offers tips to help people study for the road test. 

Driver Services
Submit requests related to obtaining a MN driver's license, permit, or ID card.
         Pre-Apply for a Driver's License or ID
         Help Me Choose a Type of License or ID
         Pay Reinstatement Fees
         Request or Renew Disability Parking Certificate

         More Driver Services


Schedule or view an already scheduled appointment.
          Schedule an Appointment
          Find, Reschedule or Cancel an Appointment
          Manage your Appointment Availability Subscriptions
          Request Group Class D Knowledge Test

Rules: 7409

Statutes: 171.02


See Forms and Documents

Important Resources



*Available at driver exam stations only
**Fee does not include the cost of a new license 

Driver's Licenses​​​​​​
Class A​
​​Class A, renewal​
​Class A, under age 21
​Class A, under age 21, renewal
​Class B
​​Class B, renewal
​Class C
​​Class C​, renewal​ ​$45
**School Bus Processing Fee - original and renewal applications 
​Class D
​​​Class D, renewal
​Provisional Driver’s License
​​Class D Provisional License upgrade to under age 21 driver’s license-no violations on record, renewal
​Duplicate Driver’s License - all classes

​​**Enhanced Driver's License (in addition to applicable Driver's License card fee)​​​​

​Identification Cards​​​​​
​Under Age 65​​​​​
​Under Age 65, renewal
​​Age 65 and Older
​Age 65 and Older, renewal (Enhanced ID)
​Age 65 and Older, renewal (REAL ID)
​Physical Disability, Developmental Dis​​ability or Qualified Mental Illness
​Homeless Youth (documentation required) 
​** Enhanced Identification Card (in additi​on to applicable ID card fee)​

​Class D Instruction Permit (valid for 2 years)
​Class D Instruction Permit (valid for 2 years), renewal
​*Class A, B or C Instruction Permit
​*Endorsement Examination Fees
​*Motorcycle Instruction Permit/Endorsement Fee
​​**Motorcycle Endorsement Renewal (2-wheel only)
​**Standby or Temporary Custodian Designation

​**Expedited (Fast Track) Services
​Driver's License and Identification Card​
Certain applications do not qualify for fast track services, these include but are not limited to: EDL/EID and any first time applications.
Note: Driver's License or Identification Cards will be processed within three (3) business days. Customer should receive the card via UPS(United Parcel Service) within 10 business days. Refer to the DVS Office Locations Map​ to see participating offices.​

​**Revoked licenses: Alcohol/Drugs/Criminal Vehicular Operation (7/1/03)
​Other revocation offenses, including revocation for no-fault insurance
​**Suspended license
​No-Fault Insurance (suspended)​
​CDL Disqualification

​​Motorized Bicycle O​​​perator’s Permit                                                                                                         Fee

​*Knowledge test and 30-day instruction permit
​Motorized Bicycle Operator’s Permit before age 21 and valid to age 21
​Duplicate Permit
​Renewal, age 21 or older
​​Age 21 or older first​-time operator's permit

​Retesting                                                                                                                                                       ​Fee

​​*Third and Subsequent Knowledge Test after failing first two​
​​*Third and Subsequent Skills Test after failing first two
​​No Show (road/skills test) Fee​

Period of Issuance:
Length of Determination:
Other Info:
Activity: License Detail URL:

Driver and Vehicle Services

Check Driver's License Status

Schedule a Skills Test

Office Locations

Online Services

MN Dept. of Public Safety (DPS)

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