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Interest Rates

Information about home loan rates, business or agriculture loan rates, interest rate on judgments and arbitration awards, adjustments of dollar amounts, and consumer credit code adjustments.

Deficiency and Property Exemption Adjustments

Home Loan Rates

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Note A: Minnesota Statute §47.20 was amended in 1992 with a new index to take effect August 1, 1992. This index sets the maximum lawful interest rate at an amount equal to the Federal National Mortgage Association posted yields on 30 year mortgage commitments for delivery within 60 days on standard conventional fixed rate mortgages published in the Wall Street Journal for the last business day of the second preceding month plus four percentage points.

Note B: Minnesota Statute §47.20 was amended in 1993 establishing a new index for maximum rates on conventional loans or contracts for deed with a duration of ten years or less, for the purchase of real estate for timeshare interest described in Minnesota Statute §83.20. This rate is three (3) percentage points above other rates in this section or 15.75 percent per year, whichever is less, and this index takes effect August 1, 1992. Effective March 29, 1994, subdivided land contracts were also included for this maximum rate of interest.

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