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Complaint Forms/Resources

Prior to submitting a complaint, please click here for important information or watch this video here


Complaint Forms

Please contact Panhia Lor at to request a complaint form link or to have forms mailed to you. 

The Board administers a complaint resolution process that conforms to laws and rules established through the Minnesota Legislature. The focus of the Board’s complaint process is on the license of an individual dental provider, as licensure is the means used by the State of Minnesota to protect its citizens when they receive services from professionals.
The Board’s Practitioner Review Committee (PRC) reviews and directs the investigations into complaints. The PRC receives legal services from the Office of the Attorney General Occupation Licensing Division. An Assistant Attorney General assigned to the Board may assist the PRC in its attempts to resolve complaints. The Board’s Executive Director oversees the processes of the PRC, as well as those of the staff members who provide the administrative support for the complaint processes.
The PRC attempts to correct improper activities through education, conference, and other available means to ensure public protection. If the attempts at correcting or remedying a complaint matter do not produce adequate results, or if a complaint and its investigative findings suggest a violation of Board laws and rules, the PRC may take public action against the license of the dental provider. The PRC is limited to taking corrective action or disciplinary action against the license of a provider when it determines a violation occurred and is such that it warrants Board action to
ensure the safety of the public.
There are other resources for pursing a complaint matter, as outlined in the following:

Additional Complaint Resources
If you would like to look into additional resources on your concern, outside of the Board complaint process, please review these additional resources:
Dentist/Dental Professional
1. Contact the dentist from whom (and/or the practice, office manager, operations manager) where you received treatment, to express your concerns and interest in resolving the matter together.
State of Minnesota Resources
Minnesota Dental Association 
Minnesota Dental Association Peer Review- If your dentist is a member of the Minnesota Dental Association, its Peer Review process is available to you. Peer Review is a formal process that deals with disputes about clinical services provided and/ or billing issues. Your complaint is reviewed, researched and resolved by a group of your dentist's peers. For a referral to the Peer Review Committee in your area, call the MDA at (800) 950-3368. Most Minnesota dentists (69%) are MDA members, and all members agree to abide by the decision of the Peer Review Committee.
The Board can only take action against the license of a Dentist, Dental Hygienist, or Dental Assistant license. The Board can only act against the license of individuals licensed with this Board (disciplinary or corrective action). The Board can't help if you are only seeking monetary refund for services you had performed. The Board does not accept complaints against unlicensed individuals (for example; dental office managers, receptionists) unless they are related to the unlicensed practice of dentistry. Complaints must be filed on a licensee in all other matters. Have questions before you consider filing a complaint? Please email
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