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Process Overview

The Minnesota Health Related Licensing Boards (HLBs) have cooperatively established the Criminal Background Check Program (CBCP) to help licensure applicants efficiently complete mandatory background checks. All criminal background check (CBC) questions should be directed to the CBCP, not the boards.

The CBC process begins when the board sends a CBC request to the CBCP. For most boards, this occurs when the application fees have been paid, or on the following business day. Your CBC fee will be included in your board fees. The CBCP office does not handle money of any kind. 

Prior Background Checks May Not Be Used

CBC for licensure is separate from any other background check you may have undergone for work, military, licensure in other states, licensure with other boards, or any other purpose. Likewise, the CBC obtained for licensure with the HLBs cannot be used for any other purpose.

High Quality Fingerprints are Required

The CBC for licensure requires a set of high-quality fingerprints. Poor-quality fingerprints will be rejected by the FBI, which requires you to be fingerprinted again. To avoid potential delays, see the Tips to Improve Fingerprint Quality.

What to Expect

Upon receipt of your properly completed fingerprint cards and forms, the average time to complete your CBC is seven business days. Approximately 90% of all reports are delivered within two weeks.

Please note: The following may increase the turnaround time of your CBC:

  • High volume periods, specifically in the months of April, May, and June
  • Submission of incorrectly completed forms or fingerprint cards
  • Low-quality fingerprints

For more detailed information, see Step by Step Instructions, and information on our timeline

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