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The Criminal Background Check Program

The Criminal Background Check Program (CBCP) provides criminal background check (CBC) services to sixteen of the Minnesota Health Related Licensing Boards (HLBs).

The CBCP collects and processes the fingerprints and forms required to complete a CBC for anyone who has applied for initial licensure with one of the HLBs or is having their license reinstated, or as part of a licensure-related investigation.

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CBC Location
335 Randolph Ave, Suite 180
Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55102

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Please be advised that our office provides background checks to the Minnesota Health Related Licensing Boards. We cannot provide assistance with background checks for other states or for any other purpose.

Feature image for Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprint Cards

Information about the type of card needed.

Feature image for Before You Begin

Before You Begin

Things to know about our process.

Feature image for Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

Instructions on completing the process.

Feature image for Mailing & Drop Off

Mailing & Drop Off

Mailing and Drop Off Instructions

Feature image for Fingerprinting Locations

Fingerprinting Locations

Where can I get fingerprinted?

Feature image for How Long Does It Take?

How Long Does It Take?

The average time for the CBC to be completed is seven business days.

We Support the following Minnesota Health Related Licensing Boards ORIs

Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy: MN920157Z
Board of Medical Practice: MN920158Z
Chiropractic Board: MN920150Z
Board of Dentistry: MN920143Z
Dietetics and Nutrition Board: MN920151Z
Marriage and Family Therapy: MN920152Z
Board of Nursing: MN920147Z
Nursing Home Administrators Board: MN920153Z
Occupational Therapy Board: MN920162Z
Optometry Board: MN920154Z
Pharmacy Board: MN920160Z
Physical Therapy Board: MN920146Z
Board of Podiatric Medicine: MN920155Z
Psychology Board: MN920145Z
Board of Social Work: MN920159Z
Board of Veterinary Medicine: MN920149Z
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