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About the Team

Participating agencies and programs 

The State of Minnesota Department of Administration (Admin) leads the 2017 Minnesota Joint Disparity Study as its project management team. Admin participants include: 

  • Alice Roberts-Davis, Assistant Commissioner
  • Dorothy Lovejoy, Assistant Director
  • Justin Kaufman, Enterprise Contracts Counsel
  • Rachel Dougherty

Justin Kaufman serves as Administration’s main contact for this study: He can be reached at

Participating entities include:

  • State of Minnesota, including the Department of Transportation
  • Metropolitan Council
  • Metropolitan Airports Commission
  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities 
  • Mosquito Control District 
  • City of Minneapolis 
  • City of Saint Paul, including the Housing and Redevelopment Authority
  • Hennepin County

A Steering Committee of the eight participating entities meets monthly to provide input. 


Keen Independent Research was hired to lead the research team. Keen Independent Research is a national market research and economic consulting firm that specializes in disparity studies. It has staff throughout the country, including Minnesota. David Keen, a Principal of the firm, is leading the 2017 Minnesota Joint Disparity Study. He has completed disparity studies for more than 100 government agencies since 1989 and has helped agencies successfully defend programs when challenged in court. David Keen has worked with states, local government agencies, and colleges and universities throughout the country.

A team of local and national disparity study team members join Keen Independent. Local sub-consultants include:

  • Felton Financial Forensics Mark Felton, CPA, leads a Hennepin County-based accounting firm with extensive expertise conducting data collection and analysis, and community outreach. The firm operates from its office in Edina, Minnesota, and is MBE- and DBE-certified. Felton Financial Forensics is a certified Targeted Business.
  • KLD Consulting Kathie Doty, Principal directs a Minneapolis-based communications and public policy consulting firm specializing in public outreach and involvement assignments for local governments and public agencies. The firm operates from its office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is WBE- and DBE-certified. KLD is a certified Targeted Business.
  • Fondungallah & Kigham LLC Michael Fondungallah, Esquire leads a St. Paul-based law firm focused on local issues of immigration, employment and discrimination. The firm operates from its office in St. Paul and is MBE- and DBE-certified. Fondungallah & Kigham is a certified Targeted Business.
  • CJ Petersen & Associates, LLC Catherine Petersen, Principal, leads a St. Paul-based market research and planning firm. The firm operates from its office in St. Paul, and is WBE- and DBE-certified. CJ Petersen is a certified Targeted Business.

National team members include:

  • Holland & Knight Keith Wiener, a Holland & Knight Partner, serves as legal counsel for this study. He has conducted disparity studies and related legal assignments since the 1980s. The firm regularly teams with Keen Independent on disparity studies nationwide.
  • Customer Research International CRI will conduct availability telephone interviews as part of the disparity study. For the past decade, the firm has participated with Mr. Keen on disparity studies for many agencies. CRI is a minority-owned firm that is HUB-certified.
  • BBC Research & Consulting BBC is a Denver-based sub-consultant with substantial disparity study experience.

External Stakeholder Group

Participating entities extended an invitation to interested business owners, industry stakeholders and others to provide input regarding the study. The External Stakeholder Group includes representatives of minority- and women-owned firms, large prime contractors, trade associations and other industry stakeholders. The group meets regularly during the study.

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