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The Minnesota Forest Resources Council is a state council established by the Sustainable Forest Resources Act (SFRA) of 1995 to promote long-term sustainable management of Minnesota’s forests.  Together, we:

  1. Pursue the sustainable management, use, and protection of the state’s forest resources to achieve the state’s economic, environmental, and social goals.
  2. Encourage cooperation and collaboration between public and private sectors in the management of the state’s resources.
  3. Recognize and consider forest resource issues, concerns and impacts at the site and landscape levels.
  4. Recognize the broad array of perspectives regarding the management, use, and protection of the state’s forest resources, and establish processes and mechanisms that seek these perspectives and incorporate them into planning and management.

New Report Available:
Report to the DNR Commissioner on the Competitiveness of Minnesota's Primary Forest Products Industry

New Forest Management Field Guides:
Minnesota’s Forest Management Guidelines: Quick Reference Field Guide

Final Landscape Plan Available:
Northeast Landscape Forest Resources Plan

Draft Landscape Plan Available:
Southeast Landscape Forest Resources Plan




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