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Crowdfunding, Minnesota investors

MNvest – Crowdfunding in Minnesota

MNvest is a new crowdfunding law that allows Minnesota small businesses to raise capital through small investments. In turn, it provides Minnesota residents with a new opportunity to invest in local businesses.

storm damage from Minneapolis tornado

Disaster Information Center

Stay ahead of the storm: review your insurance policies now
Before damaging severe weather hits, make sure you have adequate coverage for your home, car, and belongings to recover from a loss.

outside the golden rule

Don't get scammed at the pump

Be on the lookout for the credit card skimmers that can be used to commit identity theft and fraud. We have tips to help you protect yourself against credit card skimmer fraud.

image of the minnesota solar app map

Here Comes the Sun

Is your home or business in a good spot to generate solar power? Get a quick answer with the MN Solar App, an online tool that provides an instant analysis of the solar energy potential of your property.  Type in your address and find out how much sun is shining down on you!

money box with red ribbon

Find Your Missing Money

We may have something that belongs to you. Search our online database for unclaimed property. It's your money and we want you to have it!

Credit: Flickr (Pictures of Money)

Minnesotans with Blue Cross Individual Policies

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota recently announced its decision to leave the state’s individual health insurance market in 2017. Here is important information (.pdf) for Minnesotans with Blue Cross individual policies.

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Find Your Missing Money

Get Energy Information

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