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Work Expectations

If you are entering the workforce after being at home or in a community-based setting, you may need to complete tasks differently or have new types of tasks to do.

Let's look at some tasks and timelines expected in the workplace:

  • Some of your time will be structured by your supervisor, while you will have to manage other parts of your schedule.
  • Every job is different. In some situations the work responsibilities are highly structured, but in other situations you will need to remember your responsibilities and set your own priorities.
  • Information is presented in many different ways and you need to be able to understand the information, know what is important for you to remember and do, transfer this information into your calendar and files.
  • Your boss may not send you specific information about tasks that you must do.
  • You need to listen during meetings, take notes, and be responsible for any tasks assigned to you.

Two men and a woman having a meeting.