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Let's Work!

There are many differences between high school and work settings, and your A T needs may be different as well.

Let's look at some examples of the tasks you would do in high school and how they may be different once you get a job.

High School


“Time is structured by school officials and parents.”

Some time is structured by your supervisor. Other parts of your schedule you will have to manage.

“Students can count on teachers to remind them of responsibilities and to guide them in setting priorities.”

Each job is different. In some situations the work responsibilities are highly structured, but others will need you to remember your responsibilities and set your own priorities.

“Reading is often re-taught in class; listening in class is sometimes enough.”

Information is presented in many different ways depending on your job: in meetings, documents, email, etc. You need to be able to:

-understand the information,
-find what is important for you to remember or do,
-transfer this information into your calendar, files (paper and/or electronic), etc.

“Teachers often write information on the board as a summary of notes.”

Your boss may not send you specific information about tasks that are yours to do. You need to listen during meetings, take notes, and be responsible for any tasks that get assigned to you.

“Reprinted by permission from Southern Methodist University."