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There are many differences between high school and higher education settings, and your A T needs may be different too.

Let's look at some examples of the tasks you did in high school and how they may be different in higher education.

A woman standing in front of the classroom.
High School

A man writing at a desk.
Higher Education

“Time is structured by school officials and parents.”

“Students manage their own time.”

“Students can count on teachers to remind them of responsibilities and to guide them in setting priorities.”

“Students balance responsibilities and set priorities on their own.”

“Reading is often re-taught in class; listening in class is sometimes enough.”

“Students are assigned substantial amounts of reading and writing which may not be directly addressed in class, but still show up in tests.”

“Teachers often write information on the board as a summary of notes.”

“Professors may lecture nonstop, expecting students to identify the important points in their notes. Good notes are a must.”

“Reprinted by permission from Southern Methodist University”