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How Commission Members Are Selected

The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission is a 13-member body that establishes the sentencing guidelines that district courts apply at felony sentencing hearings, conducts related research, and advised the legislature. As stated in Minn. Stat. § 244.09 subd. 2, these members must include the following:

  • the Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court or a designee;
  • a Judge from the Minnesota Court of Appeals;
  • a District Court Judge;
  • a Public Defender;
  • a County Attorney;
  • the Commissioner of Corrections or a designee;
  • a Peace Officer;
  • a Probation or Parole Officer;
  • an Academic with a Background in Criminal Justice or Corrections;
  • a Treatment or Rehabilitative Service Provider for Individuals Convicted of Felony Offenses; and
  • three members from the general public, one of whom must be the victim of a felony crime, and one of whom must be a person convicted and discharged from a felony-level offense.
The three Commission members from the Judiciary are appointed to four-year terms by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The remaining members are appointed by the Governor to four-year terms that coincide with the Governor's term in office. The Governor is also responsible for designating a Commission member as the Chair of the Commission.
For more information about the selection process, or to apply for an open position appointed by the Governor, please visit the Secretary of State's website.
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