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Commission Members

  • Kelly Lyn Mitchell, Chair and Designee of the Commissioner of Corrections
  • Christopher E. Crutchfield, CEO, Ujamaa Place
  • Richard Frase, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota Law School
  • David Knutson, First Judicial District Court Judge
  • Kyra Ladd, Wadena County Attorney
  • Michelle A. Larkin, Minnesota Court of Appeals Judge
  • Cathryn Middlebrook, Chief Appellate Public Defender
  • Gordon L. Moore, III, Minnesota Supreme Court Justice
  • Tim Morin, Public Member
  • Brooke Morath, Public Member
  • Chief Brian Mueller, Stillwater Police Department
  • Latonya Reeves, Hennepin County Career Probation Officer
  • Surya Saxena, Public Member
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